95 years after the guy to spend a million red proposal to give her money to have a sense of accompli-mkdv-02

95 boys spend millions of red net to give her money to marry with a sense of accomplishment yesterday in Shanghai Zhengda Plaza, a small red net live marry girlfriend, less than an hour spent 1 million, including a 1 carat custom wedding ring took about 100000, said the young man did not think so cheap, the remaining diamond ring the hundreds of thousands to buy clothes. If this is not surprising, in the live guy said: "before a tongue twister love choice, a man of 100 thousand, to 100 thousand you spend another man; 1 million, give you $100 thousand, who would you choose? Today I want to tell my girlfriend, my love is that I have 1 million to 1 million you spend 10 million, I will give you $10 million, save the heart is too old." Such remarks quickly sparked hot friends, a powerful Word million brother burst red. It is reported that the guy is 95, not only to learn tyrants, or national chess players, there will be a smart head to make money, the University during the stock market will earn a profit of about 300000, spent all over his girlfriend. I heard the boy, the first confession to his girlfriend, gave her 23 different big lipstick, because there is a love of her. Usually regardless of his girlfriend and he mentioned something, he replied: the order. The young man’s girlfriend, is a game anchor, complaining about the little guy to spend their own money, said he could not bear, and he did not dare to mention anything like him. This time she is in the micro-blog guy AIT with two people, said the love story of custom wedding ring, with more and more memorable, because the wedding ring belongs to two people and third people do not want to hit the paragraph. Did not think the young man immediately with all his savings, and pull himself to the store, with two love stories and her love for the game characters heart queen design elements, the custom called "Earth" proposal ring. In the face of his girlfriend’s "blame", small rhetoric men make money just to love women spend, or should I use, small target after him is the first to earn one hundred million to his wife, the wife after all need more wholeheartedly, pay more.相关的主题文章: