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90 seconds was GUCCI and grass know female stars play on the sailor [Abstract] the winter of this year, GUCCI was all sprinkled grass, embroidery items still in pop top, in addition to the interpretation of the Embroidered Denim Skirt actress Fire God, the other based single product but also because embroidery became added very special, showing a fashionable texture, let a person cannot help grass. Has a look at the calendar, today is also the female star Zhuangshan so… Weave adhering to eat melon masses love to play dear folks see "tear X" truth ~ check, Zhuangshan who ugly who embarrassment! But! Weave a look, so my sister’s uniform dress up as the female star sailor are you going to save the world? Or to save their grade. [… Who said that cold weather can not play to wear skirt GUCCI Tsai embroidery! ] although the beginning of autumn, but still can not stop you seize this last few days in summer warm. The large power power of the "fashion spirit" in the summer but all kinds of tricks to wear a lot of double weave 90 seconds, the power of the power is the existence of permanent guests…… Concave shape can be concave, street shot absolutely not wrong! But the other embroidery denim skirt or for the large power power absorbed into. As the spring and summer the most IN single product, a white shirt could be the power of the power pass, solid color coat natural need garish single bump! A brown belt "on" a Diudiu hippy cowboy taste Oh ~ Yang Mi Embroidery Shirt with vintage denim skirt and Tang Yan play with bestie "we have come to the" variety show is unexpectedly GUCCI embroidery denim skirt and a white blouse is that she is actually the oldest in addition to goddess Angie Chiu, Carina Lau and Karen Mok! But Jon really looks like a girl. Vigorous appearance and her good clothes but can not get rid of the relationship. "Beautiful girl". Magic is either "playing with fire" or "shine", the latter is our Jon – unlike the power of the power of the light ripe denim, Jon stunned the suit out of the thick "Palace" noble taste. The movie "in July and she" hit, originally red through Ma Sichun and pushed to the front of fashion. Recently, she was the major brand pet heaven, in the series of 90 seconds a day in a small classroom in her shadow! Think of the pure lady picked up in the ruins of shooting, it seems odd that there is no sense of violation and! And create a playful style effect. Zhana "non normal" collocation rendition of the GUCCI embroidery skirt, BUT please note: This is full of youthful spirit embroidery skirt, a dark sweater would seem old-fashioned, than to learn the large power power with a white lining, or a set of "young beauty suit" can also become the focus of! AngelaBaby has finally released the news of pregnancy hot! Eat melon masses of the "small Ming" and "small baby" was born in broken heart, now Baby got pregnant with the first, two people can immediately have their own star baby. Baby did not immediately because mothers "calm", wearing a denim skirt she remains invincible youth ~ many people would take Janice Man to take her with former bestie angelababy on.相关的主题文章: