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Chef 90 hire impersonator bank cards charged with the crime of impairing credit card administration – Beijing, known as "the struggle young" Li Mouben is a chef, in order to get more money, find a bank card part-time on the Internet, and hire others to many banks impersonator bank cards more than zhang. Yesterday morning, Lee and his girlfriend and other four defendants accused of disrupting credit card management in Chaoyang Court trial. According to Lee said, do card with dozens of ID cards are nicknamed Hua brother, the man mailed to him, run some of the bank card is also sent to each other, each bank card profit 100 yuan. Identity card credit card fraud in March 16th this year at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a man in Chaoyang District Anhui area of the postal savings bank bank card, the main card previously in the bank for a credit card, before the staff will dial the reserved telephone, I found is not required to do card. Feeling suspicious, the bank immediately alarm. After the police arrived, the man can not say that the identity of the other people’s identity card, the police also found in his body with the identity of the other 6 bank cards. Eventually, the man confessed to the facts of the crime claim of bank card. In his help, 9 o’clock that night, police in Changping District, a cottage courtyard of the Lee and other three people arrested, and seized 35 identity cards and bank cards more than 100. After the prosecution to hinder the crime of credit card management, such as Lee filed a prosecution. According to the allegations, November 2015 to the incident, Lee has hired and together with Yuanmou, Guo Yao, et al., the postal savings bank of Asian Sports Village branch in Chaoyang District and other places, many people use the identity card to get credit cards more than 100. On-line remote control to the bank card, Lee 22 years old, in March 2015 to Beijing to work as a cook in a restaurant. At the end of the year, he was looking for a part-time job on the internet. After the initiative to contact, a man claiming to be the brother of Guangdong Li told Lee, each agent a bank card, you can give 100 yuan benefits. Easy to see money, Li Mouxian with his ID card to do 7. After that, the requirements of China’s brother, Lee hired a few people on the internet. Lee said, brother Hua express Laiwuliushi ID card, appointed him to which bank card and ID card who. "I haven’t seen him, and I don’t know his real name." Lee said, friends after finishing card to himself, he again sent brother hua. Every night, he will be based on each person’s card to send the amount of money, one to 80 yuan, he left his own $20. Its total profit of more than 8000 yuan, of which 3800 yuan is the brother of his brother to buy a computer for the money, usually used to work. "He said the card is to brush Taobao credit, tax evasion, concrete didn’t say too much, but I think it must be doing anything illegal." The second day was arrested accomplices Beijing 38 year old Yuanmou primary school did not graduate, in August last year to Beijing workers. She had worked with Lee made a small ad, I do not know how long, the divorce and a 19 year old son of middle-aged women and Lee cohabitation. In the trial, she cried Lee forced her to do card, do not hit. However, Lee is not.相关的主题文章: