9.27, the first test to open the whole bright stars gathered in the first test tasting e2140

9.27, the first test to open the whole bright stars gathered in the first test tasting in a new environment, met his long lost friends, life is a blessing. Long after the reunion, should believe they will bring us joy and moved! NetEase 3D magic Mobile Games masterpiece "bright", will open the first test in September 27th, and in September 26th the first test will be hot tasting together — AFK familiar friends have gone back, Warsong four, full of meat. In the "light continent" to open a new journey, you, come? High play big showdown, technology flow VS stream of consciousness really high play, not necessarily standing tall players, but it must be a powerful inner game. Many of the top high play is measured at the meeting, the meeting in the "bright", will bring you back to the time of joy, ridicule the glint and flash of cold steel. Heaven in the left, the warrior to the right. Sitting on the world’s ten largest Ares, the world’s best PVP TOP5 PVP video game player, watch the global record number of brilliant record, gforce (micro-blog) is a generation of people can best embody the spirit of God warrior, single handedly, the domestic PVP video recording level to the forefront of the world. He’s not a spokesperson. He’s a real God of war. [], "bright bright," is a 3D instant MMORPG fantasy epic Mobile Games, by NetEase F game studio with North American studio effort to development, and invited a senior architect involved in the design of the western world. The game has 360 degrees of freedom perspective, the world’s 12 million 960 thousand square meters and 2K HD game resolution. In combat experience, "light", has introduced the dynamic combat system, micro fingertip farewell zhanzhuang. In addition, the game also provides players with dozens of personalized fashion, mounts, as well as rich character movements and expressions. In the "bright", the world can enjoy the game player performance Western magical realism style and gorgeous action, also can enjoy the real time team Raid copy and epic wasteland the glory of achievement, in the mobile terminal to enjoy the end of the tour class battle and social experience. Official website:相关的主题文章: