7 month old baby was locked in the car, her mother was crying-punyu

7 month old baby was locked in the car, the mother of a child crying more than her mother anxious to buy food, will be more than 7 months old child to stay in the car, the door locked but found the key in the car…… Recently, this scene took place Yingbin road sections in Jinjiang Bureau of land and resources, in the careless mother anxious, two patrolling in the vicinity of the police decisive hit the window to save the child. More than 9 in the morning, a squadron of police officers and police officers Wang Fucheng Jinjiang, Zhuang Mingyuan patrol found in the above section of the road, a woman flustered in a car to turn around, look very anxious. Two people feel some strange, came forward to ask that the woman surnamed Peng, because of worry to buy food, they will be more than 7 months old children stay in the car. I did not expect to get off the car, the car keys in the car, the door has been locked, the child was trapped inside, if you want to go back to take the spare key, back and forth at least an hour. Police assistant Wang Fucheng, Zhuang Mingyuan immediately stepped forward and found that the child has been crying in the car, there are symptoms of dehydration, within an hour, the child absolutely can not stand. After Peng agreed, Wang Fucheng, Zhuang Mingyuan decisively decided to hit the window to save. They went to the periphery to find more sharp stones, so that the child’s attention to the other side of the car to the other side of the car, then the car left behind the triangle car window smashed. After a few minutes of emergency rescue, the window is open, but the door is still open, Wang Fucheng saw Pengmou car keys in the car, immediately find branches from the side, the car keys hook up, and then the car keys will open the door, the child was rescued. Fortunately, after a child to appease, emotional stability, no harm. Police advise: children trapped in the car accident often occurs, it is prone to danger, when the driver leaves the vehicle, be sure to take the children away, not alone in the car. At the same time, please carry the keys to the car, to avoid accidents. We look at a video, may be alert. The whole process of asphyxia in children: what is the mood when you see the big eyes closed? Reminder: 35 C + 15 minutes of sunshine = closed compartment 65 C a U.S. study found that, when the temperature reached 35 degrees, the sun for 15 minutes, the car can be closed temperature to 65 DEG C, in such an environment for half an hour can be deadly. Because the child is not fully developed, the temperature rises, the body water loss speed is much faster than adults, the respiratory system and heat resistance than adults, so in the "vulnerable" boxcar in heat stroke". This disease is due to the high temperature caused by the body temperature regulation dysfunction, excessive heat accumulation in the body, resulting in nerve damage, until death. Review: children locked in the tragedy of many – June 2012, Hunan 3 year old girl Xiao Zi, forgotten by the teacher for 7 hours in the kindergarten school bus, school bus stop on the road without any shelter, the door locked, the temperature inside the car or 50 degrees. Small purple unfortunately died of heat stroke. In July 2013, Hubei 13 year old boy Ding Ding was forgotten in the car, after more than 2 hours was found unconscious, temperature above 40 degrees, died. August 2014 – Fujian Jinjiang 2 year old girl Xiao Huan with uncle and aunt home.相关的主题文章: