65 million 250 thousand yuan Suzhou garden first judicial auction remonstrate

65 million 250 thousand Yuan Garden in Suzhou for the first time to observe the judicial auction of $65 million 250 thousand! The 29 day at 10:49 in the morning, after 309 rounds of bidding, the mysterious buyers take private garden in Suzhou — embroidered Park, above 29 million yuan Qipai price premium reached a staggering $36 million 250 thousand. The new owner will be completed in a week to pay off the principal. It is understood that this is the Suzhou court for the first time the auction of the Suzhou garden, also took out the highest price and the highest premium rate of Suzhou judicial auction house. A beat abandoned Erpai sought embroidered garden is a small garden built in the Qing Dynasty, is located in the Suzhou horse medical 27-29, housing area of 628.43 square meters, an area of 812.30 square meters of land use rights. On August 25th the embroidered garden in the judicial auction procedures, the issue was reported, and the real estate property applicant the occurrence of private lending disputes, the court verdict has been in force, but the property has not fulfilled the relevant obligations, so the applicant for enforcement. Scarcity of auction targets aroused strong concern. On August 21st to 22 yuan for the first time, with the auction, starting price of 35 million 997 thousand and 800 yuan, more than 4 thousand people, but unfortunately liupai. At that time, Suzhou court racquet team staff Miu Wei analysis, "auctions is normal, many interested buyers tend to wait, so the price after the shot, Er Pai" Erpai is likely to appear phenomenon of bidding. 28, 10, second of the real estate auction, the starting price hit twenty percent off dropped to 29 million yuan, the margin is 1 million 500 thousand yuan, price range increased to 50 thousand yuan each. Sure enough, this time caused the 17382 crowd, 218 people set a reminder, and 7 people signed up to participate in the final auction, shooting only 2 minutes to have people first bid. Bidding climax in 29 days after 9:20 in the morning, this time from the end of the auction scheduled time only 40 minutes. Bid No. G9557 and K7622 6 buyers alternate bid auction appeared 14 delay. After 10 "overtime", and G9557 buyers K7622 launched a 203 round of fierce competition, the final winner, G9557. "The price, about the applicant and the person happy!" Less than 10 square meters can buy a garden, not expensive!" The results of the auction announcement, immediately become a hot topic. This property is located near the center of Guanqian Street, Suzhou, well preserved, with a high historical value and cultural value." Suzhou Suzhou court judge Yin Dongshu introduction, embroidered garden flowers and trees, rockery pond, pavilions, terraces and open halls etc. Goods are available in all varieties. very elegant. Known as "embroidered God" embroidery master Shen Shou also borrowed here, and her husband founded the "with the establishment of embroidery school", is a story of the garden, embroidered garden to shoot the price is not surprising. The private garden protection "China uneven in quality garden is divided into royal gardens, private gardens, temple gardens, Garden City suburb of 4, which is Suzhou’s largest and most famous private garden. The private garden transactions in fact, almost the same with the sale of the villa, there is no thin Xu相关的主题文章: