6 year old boy was not required to do the teacher slapped was awarded 15 thousand yuan in Beijing-mide-031

6 year old boy was not required to do the teacher slapped was awarded 15 thousand yuan – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) Zhao Beijing Fangshan District reflect, on the morning of September 29th, the first grade son Haohaoyin is not required by the teacher to write assignments by the class teacher Jia teacher slapped his face was swollen. Last night, the president of the Fangshan long fertility center primary school responded that the school has been criticized on the matter of teacher Jia education, the teacher also realized that the wrong. At present, the parents received compensation, the two sides have been reconciled. Zhao said that the 6 year old son Hao Hao read the first grade primary school sports center in Fangshan district. At noon on September 29th, Zhao took her son to see Hao’s face swollen when school. Children do not recognize the beginning of the play, Zhao’s repeated questioning, Hao Hao said, mom, you do not shout, little voice, the face is a teacher to play". Hao Hao said he was wrong classroom work, Jia teacher criticized him and on his face a slap. Zhao told reporters, Jia teacher is a grade one class teacher and Chinese teacher. On the afternoon of September 29th, the school principal and two teachers took a box of milk and snacks to the home to apologize to the parents, said the teacher hit certainly not". Zhao proposed to replace the teacher, and asked for mental compensation. Long incubation center primary school principals do not agree with Ms. Zhao for the teacher’s request, and has always stressed the good quality of teaching Jia teacher, said the teacher hit because of the high requirements for students. In addition, the school said Hao Hao can give relief. But Ms Zhao did not agree, "our children are not wrong, why? Mistakes are teachers, teachers should be replaced". Ms. Zhao said, about 6 in the afternoon, Hongsi village party secretary, the village director and parents went to the school mediation, Jia teacher give parents 15 thousand yuan as damages. The evening of September 29th, when the reporter to verify the matter to Jia teacher, the other said it did not hit the matter, hastily hung up the phone. Last night, a long incubation center primary school principal Kim responded, Hao Hao did not according to the requirements of the title, see Jia teacher hit a student, the school has the matter of Jia teacher criticism education, teachers also recognize the error, the parties mediation, school leaders and teachers have been Jia apologizing to the parents, and give the some compensation, the two sides reached a preliminary mediation program. But for parents to change the teacher’s request, the king said the school for teachers is very cautious, is currently investigating the situation, and actively negotiate solutions.相关的主题文章: