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A letter from Peter of New York. "…It seems very advanced stuff! I have to say and that you guys are really skilled at women and meeting them. So I have some question for you but nothing big if you have the time. I am not that bad with women I meet. A lots of them especially for my job (bartending) and I see women all the time where I work so for me its not that I have to do much approaches. I get laid a lots but it’s not what girls I really want. I have lots of 8’s you would say and a few 9’s but no 10! how do I make this happen? I also ask the question because with my girls that really like me I encounter some drama and they freak out because I’m not only with them it seems. Can you give any ideas on this?" It’s awesome to hear from guys who were once struggling (we get everything from guys who were virgins, to guys who had only been with their first wives), and are now DOMINATING. But we also get TONS of clients who are already doing great, but want to do better. Why NOT? As men, we are always striving to be the best, and to perfect our knowledge. After all, what is it you most admire in other men? Think about your father… He’s an expert on certain things. Expertise is usually something that .es with age. Sometimes there are men that are just created for things…like the guys on my team – Alex, Brian, Heartwork, Matt, Mike, Orleans… These are exceptional guys. I know this because I’ve been called exceptional, and yet I see these guys as holding up the standard I have set, and then some. Take Heartwork for example. This guy is a machine. He gets numbers all day like he breathes air. And he is scoring like Lebron James – on bootcamps, and in his personal life. I don’t want to spend this letter boost for my coaches. Their reputations speak for themselves. I want to take this time to talk about two things that my man Peter brought up. He is asking two questions, and these are topics that concern a TON of the guys that .e to me for coaching. First, Peter is asking how to improve the quality of women in your life. Second, he asked me how to let women know that the relationship is not serious – it’s casual. He wants to know how to keep a strong boundary without being mean. I want to address both of these issues. First, when trying to meet hotter women, you must actually raise your standards. Just wishing to the stars without any sense of deservedness is a pie in the sky. You need to date enough women you feel are on your "level" that you don’t think of them as special and you don’t feel lucky anymore. You must also make adjustments to your lifestyle over time so that you feel you have something great (yourself) to offer hot women. Instead of seeing her higher than you, see her as on your level – you guys are both TENS, ready to escape this crazy world full of crazy people. Trust me – this frame works wonders. Second, when laying down your boundaries, you must first lay them down for yourself. You must be super clear on what it is you want out of a relationship with a woman. The reason why men don’t do this is because they are afraid that women will get mad if your purpose are anything other than total .mitment and privately. This is simply not true. Women understand how things work. The problem is that men are not honest in their intentions. Women take men at their (dishonest) word, and then get let down. This must be infuriating to women! By being different, i.e. HONEST, you not only set yourself apart from other guys, but you also align yourself with the worldview that most women have about dating! Take it slow at first, have some fun, get to know each other, and then see how you feel… Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo By: Kain Black – Looking for the latest cheap tankinis swimwear. 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