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Careers-Employment Let’s keep this simple: you want results, right? OK, good. I’ll show you how to get them. But you have to be willing to keep an open mind, spend a few minutes and a few pennies to get them. That’s simple enough and easy enough. Since I have experienced the motivational power and resulting success that this secret strategy brings, why would I not keep it to myself? My reason is that I want people to have more fun at work. Everyone deserves to have a better life, with a work that is more enjoyable and rewarding than before. So hopefully we can help everyone out together – make the world a better place, while making you more successful!@@@@ Excited? Great, let’s do a quick exercise. @@@@Ask yourself: "if I had more fun doing my most challenging work (you can substitute this with: "my day-to-day work", "projects", "presentations", or whatever is important to you), would I not do it better? The answer is: YES! I would suggest that motivated employees have more fun and perform better, so let’s take that thought to the next level.Performance is a function of ability and motivation. Therefore, assuming that your employees have the ability to do their jobs well, you CAN have a dramatic impact on how well they PERFORM by increasing their motivation. Motivated employees are engaged employees who have fun delivering exceptional work. They boost company productivity and increase profits. As an additional bonus, you will experience reduced absenteeism and turnover.@@@@ Sound good? Great! @@@@Then, if nothing else, you will know that it is crucial to your business’ success to have motivated employees. Now I will show you an easy, cost-effective and time-efficient short-cut to employee motivation. Here’s the simple secret: write employee letters.I know, it sounds quite simple, but the power of letters should not be@@@@ underestimated – it delivers motivation magic. @@@@Letters not only convey a message, they become part of the message by saying: "I value you enough to take the time to write this letter to you personally", "I value your contribution so much, that I had to put it on paper – for you, and the world to see (as many times as you like)", "I like communicating with you and have an interest in your well-being and success". Now before you think this is getting too complex, I will simplify by showing you what a letter needs to have on it. Formats are overrated, as email is, but everyone can write an email, right?@@@@ So why bother with writing a letter? There are many reasons, but here are some important ones: @@@@a. There is something special, unique and out-of-the-ordinary about receiving a letter, which amplifies the message and engages the reader@@b. Credibility. Letters seem more truthful and "real"- mini certificates. If you see it on paper, you have to believe it – right?!@@c. They are badges of honour, which can be showed off to family, friends and co-workers@@d. Letters can be re-read as often as the recipient feels like a buzz or being motivated – it works again-and-again.@@@@Now that we know that writing letters is powerful choice to freshen up and explode your employee motivation, we can concentrate on what we need on paper to make things happen.@@@@We need to get a fairly formal look on the page to make it credible – and as strong as possible. So here’s the 5 ingredients to create a very simple template (this needs only to be done once, and can be used over and over again – saving you time, and allowing you to focus on the messages):@@@@1. YOUR NAME: Use your letterhead (or if not applicable, your name and title top right)@@2. DATE: In whichever way you prefer@@3. RECIPIENT NAME: Normally "Dear NAME", but use what you’re comfortable with@@4. CONTENT: O-B-C OPENING LINE OR PARAGRAPH: e.g. "Congratulations on surpassing your sales target for the year." BODY: e.g. "Once again, you have impressed us with your strong performance. Well done! Luckily this year is not over yet, and you now have an opportunity to break records and achieve legendary sales status. We believe in you and can’t wait to follow the action! "CLOSING LINE OR PARAGRAPH: e.g. "Please keep up the great work! And when you have a minute, please drop a note on my desk with your fearless goal for the year (so that I can boast with it) – I’d love to help you achieve it."@@5. CREDIBILITY: Your signature and printed name at the bottom@@@@That’s it. Now tying it together is like building an easy puzzle. The first one might feel a bit tricky, but once you have some pieces done, the rest becomes easier. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The most intimidating part is the content. Don’t let it bother you. Just keep the following in mind to help you: O-B-C. For the OPENING LINE OR PARAGRAPH: simply introduce what you want to say, for the BODY: say what you want/need to say, and for the CLOSING LINE OR PARAGRAPH: express the action you are requesting and some friendly/trademark well wishes.@@@@The simpler the better, and as you become more experienced in harnessing the power of the letter, you will be able to generate more productivity from it. But to start now, you can use the following plan of action:@@@@1 – Make a list of all employees who you should send letters to@@2 – Request details from them, such as: what they enjoy at work, what concerns they have, suggestions, goals and ambitions, as well as details of their family life (if they are comfortable with giving it). This will help you to get to know them, understand them, and arm you with valuable insights to use in motivating them. All this while helping them to enjoy their working lives more, and getting their family on board.@@3 – Create a feedback mechanism, such as an open door policy, or regular meetings to discuss progress and successes.@@4 – Schedule monthly follow-up letters, which reference performances and actions seen as direct results from previous letters, while giving praise and delivering further challenges. Remember to also use these letters as a relationship building tool – so don’t be afraid to use humour or to personalise by using information you’ve gathered.@@@@I wish you all the best in the implementation of your letter writing program, and sincerely hope that it will set your team on fire, while helping to deliver results beyond your wildest expectations! If there are any questions you have in implementing your letter writing or motivational strategy, please let me know and I would love to help. You can reach me at: topmotiv8or AT gmail.com Or if you would like to learn more about writing employee letters, you can check out my book: letters: Set Them On Fire! – Secrets To Writing Employee Letters That Spark TOP PERFORMANCE – FAST! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: