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Sales Tell me something; when you are presenting treatment, who does most of the talking? If its your client, then I congratulate you! How, you may ask, can I sell treatment if the person Im selling it to does most of the talking? Well let me ask you another question. Lets say you are married and you give your wife an expensive gift that she doesnt want? Im sure you would agree that the response wouldnt normally be what you were after. Or, what if you try to give, not sell, something to your clients that they do not want? Again, youre probably going to get stuck keeping a lot of whatever it was you were trying to give away. So if you try to SELL treatment to your clients, which they do not want, especially in this economy, you are many times not going to get that treatment plan accepted and paid for. The solution is to BE INTERESTED in your client, ask a lot of questions, let them talk and learn what problem they are interested in solving, regarding their pet. THEN present the solution to THEIR problem. Many doctors think, They came to me to get their pet well and this treatment plan is the way to do that, so of course they will want it. Maybe, maybe not! Maybe in their eyes they can get away with something cheaper. Or, this dog just aint worth it! (Lousy thought I know, but it happens.) At any rate, the thing to do is to ask the client the correct questions BEFORE presenting treatment, so you know if your treatment would be REAL to the client, practically and financially. I guarantee that if you know how to ask the correct questions, and get the answers necessary to create a treatment plan thats REAL to the client, your treatment acceptance will climb. If you want to get an idea as to how to do that, I suggest you take advantage of our free 90-minute consultation, which you may sign up for by copying and pasting the following link into your browser: This in-depth consultation with our Senior Management Analyst allows for a thorough and in-depth look into what areas of your practice are giving you the most difficulty, and the most effective ways to solve them. I hope this helps you and your practice! Scott Tregurtha, CEO Clear Advantage Business Solutions Scott Tregurtha is the Founder and President of Clear Advantage Business Solutions LLC, a results-based management firm dedicated to creating prosperous veterinary practices across the United States. Scott founded the company in 1993 with the knowledge that veterinarians do not learn management in school; with a lack of management know-how, many practices eventually fail. Clear Advantage provides cost-effective training and consulting programs to impart effective management knowledge to the practice owner, with predictable improvement each and every time. The results of the programs speak for themselves. Visit to learn more and to read a wide array of client testimonials. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: