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Fuzhou Huaxi remediation will be built on both sides of 8.7 km walk Huaxi Strait flow regulation effect network November 8th hearing (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Lincheng /   Wen Bao Hua / chart)   now the flow of Huaxi, is half black half clean. Jinshan Road north of the river, close to Jinshan Park, beautiful environment. However, the river south of Pu Shang road was illegally constructed by garbage and illegal construction, and the water quality deteriorated. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou urban construction department, (PU Avenue – Bay gate) comprehensive renovation project has officially started. A total length of about 4362 meters of the Liuhua Creek will be divided into two sections, the first section is more than 300 meters long have been entering the construction, about 4000 meters long second tenders are entering the preparation before construction, the entire project is expected to be completed at the end of next year. The 8.7 kilometer trail will be built on both sides of the Strait. It is learnt that the first section is from the Bay gate to the Three Gorges bridge and culvert, more than 300 meters long. The second section is from the upper bridge to the letter to the White House, about 4000 meters long. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the stream near the side of the Gulf of Huaxi bridge, the first section of the construction site, a few hook machine are busy in the flat, widening the river. "This is the end of Huaxi flow into wulongjiang, the current management of the Huaxi." Project leader said, as early as last November, the construction unit has entered the field, but because the demolition is not in place until the last month to start. At present, the first section has been built, is expected to be completed before the end of December this year. According to the introduction, the river will be widened to 30~80 meters, in order to solve the problem of the original channel narrow drainage capacity. The walkway built on both sides is about 8.7 km long, 2.5 to 3.5 meters wide, and there are about 5 bridges along the landscape. In addition, new buildings, catering services, buildings, parking spaces and so on will be added. It is understood that the Liuhua Creek on both sides of the river will improve the sewage pipe system, pipe length of about 5.5km, Yang Pu on the roadside access week River sewage interception sewer system planning. Along the way to build three landscape, enhance the environment along the coast is also a major focus of this construction. It is reported that the current regulation of Huaxi will build three landscape areas, respectively, Indonesian beauty, banyan block Liuhua ghost. The Indonesian beauty is based on the original block, some of the aquatic plants in the water, mainly in the lotus. In addition, set up landscape sketch, breeding some big trees. Banyan plot is located on the east side of Pu Qiao bridge, near the Ten City Association, the banyan tree will be the main greening, reflecting the characteristics of Fuzhou, at the same time, with the square, leisure road. There are several ancient banyan trees in this area, and some big banyan trees will be transplanted. Is a Liuhua will build a narrow riparian Park, nearly 4 kilometers in length, along with pedestrian bridge, citizens can enjoy the scenery along the way, at the same time freely shuttling between both sides of the river. According to the introduction, these landscape areas are basically located within the scope of construction of second tenders. According to the hundred days crucial mission requirements, Cangshan district government will be responsible for the demolition work in June 30th next year. The construction of the second bid section with a length of about 4 kilometers is expected to be completed by the end of next year.   福州流花溪进行整治 两岸将建8.7公里步行道 流花溪整治效果图   海峡网11月8日讯(海峡都市报记者 王林成/文 包华/图) 如今的流花溪,是半条清流半条黑。金山浦上大道以北的河段,紧邻金山公园,环境优美。然而浦上大道以南的河道却被垃圾、违建侵占,水质恶化。昨天,记者从福州市城建部门获悉,(浦上大道―湾边水闸)综合整治工程已正式启动。这段全长约4362米的流花溪将分两个标段建设,目前300多米长的第一标段已进场施工,约4000米长的第二标段正进行进场施工前的准备,整个工程预计明年底可完工。   两岸将建起 8.7公里步道   据悉,第一标段从湾边水闸至三环桥涵处,300多米长。第二标段则从浦上大桥至融信白宫处,长约4000米。   昨日,记者在靠近湾边大桥的流花溪看到,第一标段的施工现场,几台钩机正忙碌着,在平整、拓宽河道。“这段流花溪汇入乌龙江,是此次流花溪整治的末 端。”项目负责人表示,早在去年11月施工单位已进场,但因拆迁未到位拖到上个月才开工。目前,第一标段已全部动建,预计今年12月底前就能完工。   据介绍,此次河道将拓宽至30~80米不等,以解决原本河道狭窄排涝能力不足的问题。两岸将修建的步道长约8.7公里,宽约2.5至3.5米,沿线景观桥梁约有5座。此外还将新增配套建筑、餐饮服务建筑、停车位等。   另据了解,流花溪河道两侧将完善截污管系统,管道总长约5.5km,接入杨周路边浦上河的规划截污管渠系统中。   沿线打造三大景观   提升沿岸的环境也是本次施工的一大重点。据悉,此次流花溪整治将打造三个景观区,分别为榕树地块、荷印秀色、流花叠影。   其中,荷印秀色就是在原有地块的基础上,在水边种植一些水生植物,主要以荷花为主。另外搭配设置景观小品、配种一些大树。   榕树地块位于浦上大桥东侧,十邑同乡会附近,绿化将以榕树为主,体现福州的特色,同时配建广场、休闲园路。该区域原本就有几棵古榕树,另外还会移植一些大榕树过来。流花叠影则将建设一个狭长的河岸公园,全长近4公里,沿途配有步行桥梁,市民们可以沿途欣赏风景,同时自如地穿梭于两侧河岸之间。   据介绍,这些景观区都基本位于第二标段施工范围内。根据百日攻坚的任务要求,仓山区政府将负责在明年6月30日前完成该区域的拆迁工作。全长约4公里的第二标段施工,预计将在明年底完工。 相关的主题文章: