How can children spend their childhood only once Happy recovery in equestrian learning-月丘うさぎ

How can children spend their childhood only once? Learning to be happy riding horses to accompany the children grow up happy is to start a semester, children to parents usually riding lesson chat chat is the most do not love their children how to do homework, do not study progress, not reported many extracurricular classes increase counseling for children, parents are anxious the mood I can understand, for the future of the children’s parents are willing to pay, no regrets. "Children write homework is a big problem for me, every day with his homework to 10 in the evening, in the morning do not come, the weekend did not dare to take him, that is the point of learning, sometimes children wander, I can not help losing temper."…… I know the child is so small, every day in the study is very poor, don’t let him to stay at home during the study, the child is dejected. No matter what he can do?" Many parents have this kind of worry. I come from people, children’s learning age has boundaries, especially boys late maturing. My son is like this, slowly lead training, he is older, this phenomenon is good…… Every summer and winter holidays, my son often riding, he has 9 years "age", all day to soak in the stables and coaches together "work", but also often a pair of small senior staff and even other guidance like primary school adult students! Not only him, but many of our young students are very confident through long-term equestrian learning, the appearance of small adults and other students communicate and chat, super cute. Let the children study at ease, I personally feel that the direction of guidance is to cultivate children’s self-confidence in learning, why children learn to equestrian so happy, so like to learn, equestrian basic learning is also boring, why even 4, 5 years old children can adhere to? Parents worry about children, 3 minutes heat almost never in our equestrian course appeared…… Why? It is through professional learning and interest guidance that can make children full of self-confidence! And the horse riding from passive into active control, to understand and control the late Ma communication, friendship first, the heart attack is to let the children can not resist, is on his young mind very shocked, we all hope that the child is a loving kindness knows respect life confident strong independent child but, these children not born character should have…… How can children understand the value of life without the experience of communicating with life? How can you be confident, independent and persistent without breaking through your own difficult challenges? When you look at the innocent smile of a child and a horse, how can you resist letting him keep this joy?! Poor parents, absolutely can not deny the parents for the children to pave the way for the mood to leave no stone unturned. But I personally love watching the children innocent childlike smile! Watching them carefree and playful in the sun! Because "childhood" is only once! (wild children’s western Equestrian Club)

孩子只有一次的童年怎么过?马术学习中重获快乐 马儿陪伴孩子快乐成长   又是一个学期要开始了,娃娃们来上马术课平时聊天家长们聊的最多的就是孩子不爱写作业怎么办,跟不上学习进度怎么办,要不要报很多课外学习班给孩子增加辅导,家长们焦虑的心情我特别能理解,为了孩子的前途,做父母的甘愿无怨无悔的付出。   “孩子写作业是我的一大难题,天天陪他写作业到晚上快10点,早上起不来,周末哪儿都不敢带他去,就是那点学习的事,有时候孩子走神我就忍不住发脾气……我知道孩子才那么小就天天泡在学习里很可怜,不让他来周末关在家里学习的时候孩子就垂头丧气的。可不管他能行吗?”许多家长都有着这样那样的担心。我是过来人,孩子的学习年龄是有界限的,特别是男孩晚熟。我儿子就是这样的,慢慢引导培养,他大些了,这种现象就好了……   每到寒暑假期,我儿子就经常来骑马,他已经有9年“骑龄”了,一整天都愿意泡在马房里和教练们一起“工作”,还经常一副小前辈的样子指导其他小学员甚至是成人学员呢!不只他,我们的很多小学员都通过长期的马术学习相当有自信,小大人的样子和其他学员沟通聊天,超可爱的。让孩子踏实学习我个人觉得引导方向是培养孩子的学习自信,为什么孩子一学上马术就这么高兴,这么喜欢来学,马术基础学习同样枯燥,为什么连4、5岁的孩子都能坚持?家长担心的孩子3分钟热度几乎从来就没有在我们的马术课程里出现过……   为啥?就是通过专业的学习和趣味的引导能让孩子充满了自信心!和马从初期的被动骑乘变主动驾驭掌控、再到后期懂得和马沟通、交流、建立友谊,这种心灵的抨击是让孩子不能抗拒的,是对他幼小的心灵非常震撼的,我们都希望孩子是个有爱心善良懂得尊重生命自信坚强独立的孩子,但这些品德不是孩子先天就应该具备的……孩子没有和生命沟通交流的经验如何懂得生命的可贵?没有突破自己挑战困难的经历如何能自信独立坚持?看着孩子和马在一起时纯真的笑容你怎么能抗拒让他保持这份喜悦呢!   可怜天下父母心,绝对不能否认做父母的殚精竭虑的为孩子铺路的心情。只是我个人更喜欢看着孩子们天真童趣的笑颜!看着他们在阳光下无忧无虑的追逐嬉戏!因为“童年”只有一次!   (野孩子西部马术俱乐部)相关的主题文章: