14 year old girl was 2 5 day old man after sexual assault and threatened suicide unsuccessful-twoo是什么网站

A 14 year old girl was raped by 2 5 day old men and then threatened to commit suicide. The lead shot of a 14 year old girl in Hunan, Shimenn County, failed. It is understood that the girl was raped by her man threatened, unbearable pressure in school Dutch act after she drank pesticide, has been out of danger, the girl has been home to recuperate. Front Street No. 1 reporter learned that, since last April, the girl suffered two middle-aged men sexually raped. Recently, a letter from Hunan province Shimenn County county government website mailbox, a claim to the north and south of Shimenn County in the town of farmers said that in October this year, the niece was raped pregnant Dutch act. In November 1st, the 1st reporter contacted the girl was raped babe (a pseudonym) Aunt Ms. Shu, Ms. Shu said, the 14 year old niece Bebe, attended the second grade junior middle school, Beibei father mother is deaf, especially honest, family condition is not good, usually the family on children’s teaching is relatively small. In October 7th, Beibei was found to commit suicide by drinking pesticide in school, and then was sent to the hospital by the school teacher. After gastric lavage, she was separated from life risk. Afterwards, in the school teacher repeatedly asked, Beibei said the suicide truth. Beibei told the teacher, because raped her man Shu Mou threat, unbearable pressure to suicide. Shu introduction, in August last year, a few days before the opening of the Beibei village, 50 year old man in a comfortable home to Beibei, night live in the house, while the children and parents are not at home, and the baby had sex. After that, she tricked her by giving her pocket money and buying clothes, so she didn’t let babe tell the other two people about the sexual relationship. During the National Day this year, Beibei would not bother to take comfort, and would comfort a WeChat, but it would be threatened by shu. A call for Bryan Shu, threatened to tell the headmaster of the school they have sex thing, but also to let her drink the medicine Dutch act, the father of the baby care of Shu’s parents. Because of unbearable pressure, after returning to school in October 7th, Beibei drank pesticide suicide, because the rescue in time out of danger. At present, Beibei has recovered. Ms. Shu said, Beibei and a comfortable relationship, babe’s parents know this, find a comfortable, through mediation, Shu Mou to Beibei private parents ten thousand yuan, and promised not to contact with the baby again, "they are not law, that is shameful, not quiet." Ms. Shu said, it is understood that in April last year, Beibei and more than 50 year old bus driver Kim had a sexual relationship. Because Beibei goes to school and school every week, she takes the bus in the village, and Beibei and the bus driver Kim recognize in 2014. Later, Kim repeatedly went to Bei Bei’s home, one day last April, Kim to let Bei Bei lead the way on the grounds, to bring Bei Bei to a house in the village, and have sex. Afterwards, Kim gave Beibei 200 yuan, not to let her tell the family. Ms. Shu said that after the investigation, the police found that in May 21st this year, Kim gave Beibei 14 phone calls. Ms. Shu said that the content of the online content is unknown, part of the content is not true, "Beibei is not pregnant."". Ms. Shu said, after the family understand the situation, to the police station in October 12th, the police filing

14岁女孩遭2名5旬男子性侵后又被威胁 自杀未果  截图  导语  近日,湖南省石门县一14岁女孩自杀未果。据了解,女孩因遭性侵过她的男子威胁,不堪忍受压力,在学校喝农药自杀,后经抢救已脱离生命危险,目前女孩已回家休养。  前街一号记者了解到,从去年4月份开始,该女孩遭受两名中年男子性侵。  近日,湖南省石门县政府网站县长信箱的一封来信中,一自称石门县南北镇的农民表示,今年10月份,侄女因被人强奸怀孕自杀未果。11月1日,前街一号记者联系到遭性侵女孩贝贝(化名)的姑姑舒女士,舒女士称,侄女贝贝今年14岁,就读初中二年级,贝贝母亲是聋哑人,父亲特别老实,家里条件不好,平时家人对孩子的管教也比较少。10月7日贝贝被发现在学校喝农药自杀,后被学校老师送到镇医院抢救,洗胃后已脱离生命危险。事后,在学校老师的多次询问下,贝贝说出了自杀实情。贝贝告诉老师,因遭到强奸过她的男子舒某威胁,不堪忍受压力才自杀。  舒女士介绍,去年8月份,贝贝开学的前几天,同村50岁左右的男子舒某到贝贝家做客,当晚住在了她家里,趁孩子父母不在家,和贝贝发生了性关系。之后,舒某以给贝贝零花钱、买衣服等为由诱骗她,不让贝贝将两人发生性关系的事情告诉他人。今年国庆期间,贝贝不愿再理会舒某,将舒某的微信拉黑,却反遭舒某威胁。舒某给贝贝打电话,扬言要把他们发生性关系的事情告诉学校校长,还要到她家喝药自杀,让贝贝的父亲负责养舒某的父母。因不堪忍受此番压力,10月7日返校后,贝贝喝农药自杀,因抢救及时脱离生命危险。目前,贝贝身体已经康复。  舒女士称,贝贝和舒某发生关系后,贝贝的父母知道此事,找到舒某,经人调解,舒某给了贝贝父母一万元私了,并答应不会再和贝贝来往,“他们就是不懂法,觉得是丑事,没有声张。”  舒女士说,据了解,去年4月份,贝贝还和50多岁的班车司机金某发生了性关系。因贝贝每周上学、放学都要乘坐村里的班车,贝贝和班车司机金某在2014年认识。  之后,金某多次到贝贝家里,去年4月份的某天,金某以让贝贝带路为由,把贝贝带到村中的一个老屋,与之发生性关系。事后,金某给贝贝200元钱,不让她告诉家人。舒女士称,警方在调查后发现,在今年5月21日,金某给贝贝打了14个电话。  舒女士表示,网上内容不知是何人发布,部分内容不属实,“贝贝并没有怀孕”。舒女士称,家人了解情况后,10月12日到派出所报案,警方立案,10月24日,警方将金某、舒某抓获。经警方审讯,二人交代和贝贝发生过多次性关系。  在石门县政府网站上,石门县公安局回复该来信称,经查,来件人反映情况基本属实,县公安局南镇派出所已受理并立为刑事案件,目前已经抓获并刑事拘留2人,案件在进一步侦办中。11月1日,前街一号记者联系到石门县公安局和南北镇派出所,对方均表示,目前案件在侦办中,具体案情不便对外透露。 (京华时报)相关的主题文章: