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Think of the U.S. media 350 thousand votes disappeared: Shenzhen friends propaganda look forward to "investigate" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million Sina Financial News yesterday "Minsheng securities to tear Simei media: investors 350 thousand shares against how to take wings to itself? "The report of Mr. Wang think of the U.S. media related 350 thousand shares voted against the bill, the bill was passed later still, but strange is that Mr. Wang found even fewer than the number of voting against their own; Shenzhen stock exchange requires Minsheng securities and Simei media self-examination; Wang Minsheng Securities said the vote of success; think of the U.S. media to vote no problem. So what the buck passing triggered a large number of onlookers, the number of comments to individual articles up to 3000 people. Many users have to Shenzhen propaganda "a thorough investigation in the end, to a large number of small and medium investors continue to adhere to the purchase of new shares of the faith", to maintain fairness and justice of the capital market. Recently, Sina financial investor complaints platform received a complaint from Mr. Wang, the company listed on the U.S. media complaints suspension motion vote data on alleged fraud. Wang said that in March this year due to the presence of the company is expected to send high, through their own accounts in the two accounts of the people’s livelihood securities media, then, in April 8th the stock suspension. Three months after the suspension of the company to convene a general meeting to consider the motion to continue the suspension, mr.. Nevertheless, the United States media general meeting of shareholders resolution announced the results of the resumption of the transaction is still continue to postpone, and Mr. Wang has found that the results of the voting results of the company’s shareholders voted against the total number of votes was less than their vote. Mr. Wang said, this situation has complained to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen stock exchange requires Minsheng securities and listed companies self-examination, Minsheng Securities said the results of self feedback, Mr. Wang’s vote is successful, no single may be reported in the past. The listed companies insist that the voting results will be no problem. In the face of more votes cast less votes, Mr. Wang could not understand. This news in Sina issued a financial that is caused by users from all aspects of comments. Users have launched a discussion in the comments area: this situation will seriously damage the prestige of the market." "In such a buck passing thing, it should be how to deal with?" "Look forward to Shenzhen a thorough investigation of the matter, to maintain the capital market fairness and justice" and users also pointed out that he also encountered the same problem: "I had voted against, and then found the announcement against a lot less than my stock" in the network voting, voted against, but the lack of hundred percent passed… Did you vote against it?" Some netizens expressed deep panic: "this problem is big. Thought is the voting machine control, there is absolutely no exchange is tricky, neutral and impartial. The purchase of new shares in the success? Reliable?" "Let me think, why I can not hit the new shares of the reasons." There are also a lot of friends expressed disappointment and powerlessness on the current stock market: when the merger of Hebei iron and steel Handan iron and steel, so many votes, and finally to 66.6% just over the line to get through. At that time, I knew that the so-called shareholder vote is a mere formality. theory相关的主题文章: