Shenzhen from October 8th to cancel the tender price of the scene to choose the number of adjustment-步步高i606

Shenzhen in October 8th to cancel the beautiful brand auction site selection was adjusted to 50 110 month 1 days, Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau vehicle administration announced to the public the "Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police on upgrading the vehicle pick system related issues notice", decided from October 8th onwards, the vehicle will be officially opened the national unified version of the motor vehicle selection the number of software, including the implementation of more than two years of "pretty" cancel auction, license plate number selection from the past 10 1 to 50 1, people have more choices. "Good," the auction canceled two years of implementation of a card was sold to 960 thousand according to the "Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police on upgrading the vehicle pick system related issues notice", vehicle opening unified selection system, the original through bidding to get the plate, from 2016 September officially stopped. Deputy chief of the vehicle management department of Shenzhen city vehicle administration office Liu Jun told reporters, "cancel the license plate auction" is popular to say that the abolition of the "pretty" auction, such as the tail number 666, 888, 999, the lucky number will no longer participate in the auction, but pick back into the pool, for the owners to choose no.. Liu Jun explained, "pretty" auction and bidding increment index is different, the public should pay attention to discrimination, "the auction is popular in terms of incremental index" to obtain the license plate, needs to go to the transportation department auction vehicle index, in obtaining indicators, in order to select the vehicle license plate number, there is no change so, we still need to get the auction index, are eligible to choose the license plate number. Deep night reporter learned that Shenzhen City restart "pretty" even the license plate auction in January 25, 2014, Guangdong BB888A-Z No. 24 auspicious number plate first shooting, Guangdong BB888B and ultimately to 965 thousand yuan turnover, the price is not cheap. "Liang brand ‘auction lasted more than two years, a total of 29 phases of the auction, the auction license plate in about 20 thousand or so." Liu Jun said that the auction proceeds will be used to rescue the injured in a car accident, Shenzhen is the early implementation of the social assistance of the city road traffic accident, as early as in 2008, Shenzhen city road traffic accident social assistance Interim Measures for the implementation of the "Shenzhen city". The cancellation of the auction is to enhance the sense of public access". Cancel the beautiful card after the auction, all the license plate into the pool. Previously, Shenzhen city vehicle administration branch and 4S branch registration service station on the card are independent of self selection pool, system upgrade, pick pool will also use the unified city vehicle administration office, all on the card selection plate of equal opportunity. 10 1 adjusted to 50 1, the public can through three channels, in addition to "pretty" cancel auction, Shenzhen vehicle administration, the change will be randomly selected, 10 original 1 to 50 in 1, people in the choice of the right plate is more choice. Liu Jun told reporters, Chen相关的主题文章: