Immersed in a good time in the museum – Sohu eat and drink-高达08ms小队

[month] immersed in the museum in good time and A+Lounge time – Sohu is located in Wuhan and directly opposite Dan Yan, stairs to the two floor. Look from the appearance of the environment is very good, into the inside is carefully arranged. Here is a clear bar in the evening, the afternoon can also drink afternoon tea, before buying 1 yuan afternoon tea packages, and small partners come over. Afternoon tea is one of two American and cranberry cookies. Biscuits very little, if the original price will not point. American style is a big cup, but some are not used to drinking. Meng Da Bunny ~ hey ~ the highlight here is the environment, suitable for afternoon tea sitting outside a circle can see Wuhan world scenery, of course you can also choose to do indoor to choose a comfortable place to love collapsed, few people think about all the afternoon, free inside a large area, hidden but beautiful spot, decoration the store layout is retro ~ claiming Museum, decoration does a lot, although there is no specific figure ~ at night, but imagine the night should be very lively, relatively dim light, friends drink cocktails in knots is also very quiet at night and enjoy the afternoon ~ the bustling contrast.相关的主题文章: