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Show the most beautiful Jiaxing city to hold the health forum. The most beautiful angel "special campaign Sohu – former Jiaxing City Health Day" Health Forum. The most beautiful angel "special promotional activities held in Jiaxing Second Hospital. 12 outstanding representatives elected from the city level nearly 10000 medical staff, with their life stories to all Party members and cadres on a cleanse the soul of life course. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister, municipal two new working committee secretary Fang Junliang and the municipal Party committee, "one of the two learning to do" inspection team members also participated in the activities of the third. Chen Guoping, deputy secretary of the Jiaxing municipal health and family planning commission. The event to field interviews, broadcast VCR and other forms of propaganda and health on the front of the emergence of advanced models. They are pioneers, continue to climb the peak of excellence in medical, business class medicine industry leaders, but also in the ordinary job dedication, dedication, help heal the wounded others lit the light of life. In the "healthy Jiaxing" construction, adhere to their deeds practice simple of the doctor, with the skill of the interpretation of a life-saving mission, with a sow with both a benevolent mind and heart human love, with benevolence show the brilliance of humanity. Source: Jiaxing Wei Planning Commission Propaganda Department相关的主题文章: