Heavyweight is still favorite national team shareholding structure remained stable-naughty怎么读

Heavyweight is still the favorite national team shareholding structure to maintain the stability of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Yu Dejiang a year ago, A stock market "panic collapse" is still visible before the eyes, "national team" (including Huijin, gold card company and the fund’s CSI financial asset management plan, excluding the social security fund, safe investment platform) decisive shot, too stable trillion yuan market. The fourth quarter of last year, the market, but at the beginning of this year after a sharp correction, "track action team" of concern. Semi annual disclosure is completed, the latest shareholding with clear. Shareholding structure is basically stable, according to the securities times data center statistics, as of August 30th 20:00, national team figure appeared in 1078 A shares semi annual report, accounting for the proportion of all listed companies was 38.68%. Closing price in June 30th, the national team total holdings market value reached 1 trillion and 260 billion yuan. At the end of June, the "national team" shareholding ratio of more than 10% of the total of 26 companies, more than 5% of the 82. National team shareholding structure compared with previously remained stable, but also change. Before removing the middle of last year and hold stocks more chips, "national team" is still the most love, financial resources such as market heavyweights, as of the end of June, the highest market value of shares is China peace, reached 44 billion 600 million yuan, followed by CITIC Securities 25 billion 800 million yuan, in addition to Chinese Zhongche, China building, Kweichow Moutai, Sinopec and other 12 companies more than 10 billion yuan. National team shares the highest proportion of the shares are still Jingwei electric material, a total of 21.99%. Jingwei electric wire top three shareholders, Zhang Guoxiang Dong Shulin, Zhang Qiufeng is acting in person, the total shareholding of 25.91%, with the "national team" held by the proportion of not much difference between. It is estimated that the national team to buy Jingwei electric material cost price of about 17.06 yuan shares, the purchase amount of $768 million. Comparison of latitude and longitude of 14.27 yuan before the suspension of the closing price of the shares, the national team in the latitude and longitude of electricity loss of up to 16%. The "national team" ownership changes with the Chinese news media, Nari, etc.. At the end of the first quarter, gold card company holds Chinese news media 47 million 382 thousand and 200 shares, the shareholding ratio of 2.31%. By the end of the two quarter, the number of shares held by the company increased to 50 million 645 thousand and 300 shares, the shareholding ratio of 2.51%. In addition, the national team in the two quarter also new shares in Yongxin, the top 10 shareholders of the industrial technology. Huijin holds Yongxin capital shares 3 million 404 thousand and 900 shares, 1 million 286 thousand and 300 shares held by the industrial science and technology, since the first few reports at the end of the article 10 tradable shareholders holdings Huijin was higher than that of information management, and therefore can not determine the specific time holdings Huijin information management. The two quarter, the company certified gold holdings Nari 6 million 840 thousand shares. It is worth noting that three of the reporting period since the three quarter of last year stationed in Nari after the gold card company holding the number change, have on相关的主题文章: