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A lot of talk about endowment teach you how to choose beadhouses assured – Sohu health note: work so busy, how the doctor group will solve the pension problem? Lilac Garden invited the president of three well-known domestic pension institutions, the following video to bring you a professional interpretation of pension issues. As of 2015, China’s elderly population over the age of 60 reached 222 million. It is expected that by the middle of this century, the total number of the elderly population in China will reach 480 million, accounting for about 30% of the total population. This means that there will be 1 elderly people in every 3 Chinese people. Because of China’s one-child policy for more than 30 years, there are a lot of families composed of 4 elderly people, the main labor force, the couple, and the 1 children of the family of 2. The most serious is that in 1248 of the family structure, a middle-aged couple need to take care of the elderly 12. This may also be the elderly have a disease, the need for professional medical care. Huge pension problems in front of the government and the family. Not long ago, a survey for the majority of users, are: home for the elderly, how to help their pension. This topic has aroused widespread concern and discussion, a total of 16496 users submitted the following answers. 1 most people still hold a traditional attitude, 67% of users tend to home care model, the choice of social pension for the 33%, accounting for a small number of. Figure 1: how will you help them? 2 in the choice of the main body of pension institutions, public institutions are still the mainstream. Figure two: do you want to choose public and private for your parents? 3.60% of users regard the service attitude as the primary factor in the choice of pension institutions. Second, environmental facilities, accounting for 17%. In addition, 16% of users pay attention to the medical level of pension institutions. Figure three: what do you pay more attention to? 4 of users said they do not trust the quality of service pension institutions, which is not the biggest reason for the choice of social pension. Figure four: what is the biggest dilemma for parents to go to the pension agency? Survey results show that the majority of users tend to traditional home care model for social pension services do not trust. On the one hand is the rapid development of pension services, while the people’s information asymmetry, resulting in China’s pension institutions high demand low occupancy dilemma. How to break the board, and how to choose their own family according to the situation of the pension model? Ding Xiangyuan Chinese "face to face" health first "column, Chinese endowment breaking: President dialogue" invited three well-known pension institutions are the Hangzhou president, Wu Jun, director of geriatric hospital of Xiamen lotus hospital dean Li Li, Guangxi Central Hospital Yu Xiaobao Dean group total, professional interpretation and bring wonderful view the pension problem for everyone. Do not choose institutional endowment is affected by the traditional filial piety culture of 55% of the people of the agency pension services skeptical, which has a great relationship with our traditional Chinese filial piety culture. In economically developed areas, especially.相关的主题文章: