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Nanjing residents increased 2017 annual Medicare funding criteria yesterday, Nanjing and Social Council and the Nanjing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued a notice, the 2017 annual adjustment of urban resident basic medical insurance financing standard, involving four people, elderly residents, residents of other financing standard, children of students, college students, respectively, by 860 yuan, 910 yuan / person years people year, 580 yuan, 550 yuan, and one year, one year, increased to 900 yuan, 960 yuan / person years of people, and 630 yuan, 600 yuan / person years of people, years, part of the increase shall be borne by the financial subsidies. In addition, prospective newborns can also participate in health insurance. Modern Express reporter Xiang Fenghua ZAKER of Nanjing new medical insurance fee increase part of the whole of the financial subsidy borne with Nanjing city urban household registration, basic medical insurance system for urban workers and the new rural cooperative medical care is not covered by all kinds of urban residents can apply to participate in medical insurance for urban residents in accordance with the provisions of. Flexible employment and flexible employment status for the retirement pension procedures but can not afford to pay medical insurance for the residents, but also to participate in urban residents medical insurance. 2017 year residents medical insurance financing and financial subsidies are as follows: the elderly residents financing standard by 860 yuan, one year increased to 900 yuan / person years, among them, 500 yuan of financial subsidies, one year, 400 yuan, annual individual contributions. Other residents’ funding standards increased from 910 yuan per person to $960 per year, of which $480 in financial subsidies, and an annual fee of $480 per person. Student child financing standards increased from 580 yuan per person to $630 per person year, of which the financial assistance of $480 per year, individual contributions of $150. College student funding standards increased from 550 yuan per person to $600 per year, of which, financial subsidies of $480 per person, individual contributions of $120. These four categories of personal payment standards are the same as in 2016. Insured residents, enjoy the minimum living allowance, more than two persons with severe disabilities (physical, intellectual, spiritual and blind disabled), focus groups, poor workers children, orphans insurance, individuals do not pay, insurance costs by the government at all levels give full subsidy. Proposed continuous insurance, the highest annual report of 360 thousand according to the provisions of the medical insurance premiums paid by the year, the annual payment of medical insurance in this year, from November 1st to December 25th. January 1, 2017 to enjoy the 2017 annual medical treatment, not in accordance with the provisions of the time to pay or not full payment does not enjoy the medical treatment of residents of the year 2017. Proposed insured residents in full and timely payment of insurance premiums in full, because the number of years of medical insurance payment and treatment of residents is linked. Insured payment of first years, the hospital, outpatient and outpatient medical expenses, the highest cumulative payment limit of $290 thousand a year. Insured personnel continuous payment for each additional 1 years, the maximum increase in the fund’s payment limit of $10 thousand, up to 360 thousand.相关的主题文章: