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The car stopped in the street for the secret lock ring direct tire questioned cited this period of time, Baode road 1258 Lane on the house, everywhere against the owners of the joint rights notice, what the hell happened here, so don’t let everyone satisfied? Reporters came to the ring road, looks like a road, but the strict sense is only a channel connecting the two district, nearby residents every night parked in the passage above, however, some time ago someone suddenly began to lock the car. It turned out that after years of unmanned management, this nameless road gradually became a parking lot. The area near the night of the owner, will the vehicle parked on the road, in addition, many social zombie car is entrenched in this, affected area residents travel. For a while ago, the street posted to rent that planned facilities transformation of the path, and the third party commissioned agents, the implementation of management. Since then, whenever saw a parked vehicle in the lane, the secret service will directly lock the car, the car parked in residential overnight, is no exception. This is everybody felt unable to accept, the secret service is not a traffic law enforcement police, how do they have the right to direct others without forethought, lock the car? Nearby residents said that last week began to lock the car, and last night to four police, the police said you can not lock the car. Huang Jianping, deputy director of the Jingan District Peng Pu Village street, told reporters that the main purpose of doing so, in order to clear the foreign vehicles and the main vehicle. But in the process, because we can not distinguish between what is the residents of the vehicle, which is a foreign vehicle, so we have adopted a unified tire lock. Government initiative to manage the " three regardless of " path, was originally a good thing to do by the residents, and behold, one size fits all lock car stop stop mode of management, but directly exacerbated the parking contradiction. Some owners told reporters that the 1258 Lane residential area is small, no underground garage, the ground a total of only 28 parking spaces, and residential about 70 private cars, now, don’t let the door road stop, no parking car, parked in the area are only on the channel, even walking places are soon. In this regard, the territory of the street, they did not expect, originally wanted to do good, but the result is contradictory, the main problem may still be out of communication. At present, they are trying to help residents solve temporary parking problems during the construction of the road. Deputy director of Pengpuxincun street Huang Jianping said, they have been in contact next to skin disease hospital, such as adjacent area relatively well-off place to provide temporary parking services for residents to solve in the parking problem during construction. In fact, in order to alleviate the parking difficult, a few days ago, the Municipal Transportation Commission Joint Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Education Commission, the SASAC and other 7 authority, just issued "on promoting the city parking resources sharing by using the guidance", which mentions, the residential parking contradiction, if the surrounding roads with night parking conditions, after the examination and approval, at night parking. Of course, members of the public should strictly abide by the requirements of the parking agreement and shall not stop over time. Street said that this new approach, but also for the completion of the transformation of nameless Road, a complete solution to the district相关的主题文章: