The net easy to build the Internet service platform for national Jiezhuang Chinese better (video)-嘿嘿taxi

Net easy to create " Internet: national home service platform China better; width=" 480" height=" 392" id=" flashplayer" name=" flashplayer" quality=" high" allowScriptAccess=" always& quot; allownetworking=" all" allowFullScreen=" true" > [Home Furnishing] Chu introduction Wuhan real estate market this year all the way, new homes turnover in the 220 thousand sets of second-hand housing units in 50 thousand, the most expensive land from generation to the regional real estate prices soaring, even out of stock of the scene. All kinds of decoration brands have started to seize the Wuhan Jiezhuang market in 2016, just 1 years you can see all kinds of decoration brand blossom everywhere in Wuhan, there are many foreign brands to seize the market in Wuhan, such as the traditional decoration decoration, in the capital of apple Haier has sold the field live home, actually home decoration actually, including immediate opening work with extension of decoration brand Gold Mantis etc.. But recently there is a brand everywhere, he not only invited to the Wuhan people’s livelihood journalist Jiang Tao do endorsements, is playing a home Internet service platform "Chinese better propaganda language, why Jiang Tao will speak on this platform? What is the "better" in the language? Today we are honored to interview a transvestite network deputy general manager Mr. Yuan Shuai and business director Mr. Zhang Jingsong, all the people of Wuhan will easily give you a brief introduction of network platform.相关的主题文章: