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Put the food into the refrigerator, go to the plastic bag — food channel — people.com.cn original title: put the food into the refrigerator, go to the plastic bags we buy food back, are used to put food plastic bags into the refrigerator, but this move may cause potential harm to health. First of all, some plastic bags permeability is not good, if the bag is too much humidity and oxygen content is too small, it will make the fruit and vegetable anaerobic respiration, resulting in a large number of alcohol. At the same time, will lead to bacterial breeding, greatly reducing the safety and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Secondly, the plastic bag belongs to the color riotous with colour recycled plastic bags, does not exclude the use of colorants containing benzo (a strong carcinogen) the possibility of contact with food, may be transferred to food. Again, if the production process does not pass, plasticizer from the surface of the plastic bags, the human body through contact with the food ingredients in the body, it may cause harm to the human body. Do not use plastic bags, then how to do? The correct approach is to use plastic wrap. The special technology and raw material of the fresh-keeping film have good air permeability and fresh keeping performance, and the quality of the fresh-keeping film will not be contaminated by the small molecular monomer. When purchasing, should choose the outer packing mark PE (polyethylene) material. Identification method is: a look at the color, the whole volume of yellow color for the PVC material, white PE material. Two kneading by hand, PE film is generally poor hand rub after sticky, easy to open, and the PVC film is sticky hand rub is good, not easy to expand. If the green leafy vegetables, can be sprayed on the leaves in the water, put in cling film, preservation layer to 0 to 8 DEG C for storage, preferably not more than 3 days. Tomato, eggplant, pepper and other pedicle of the vegetables, you can sprinkle a little water, wrapped with plastic wrap, directly placed in the refrigerator, or placed in the kitchen translucent plastic bags, placed in the ventilation. * (commissioning editor: Wang Yawei, right Juan)相关的主题文章: