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What is the difference between small Silas and Silas? Most people I do not tell the TA- Sohu and a few days ago a friend asked, Silas (Syrah) and Silas (Petite Sirah) what is the difference? Is little Silas a smaller one? Today, Xiaobian to answer this question, it will be silly points not clear Silas and small Silas! A brief introduction, Silas (Syrah) is one of the most popular red grape varieties in the world, is Australia’s "national treasure" grape varieties in Australia, known as Shiraz. It has a strong adaptability, in many of the world’s most famous wine producing areas are planted, brewing a lot of top quality wine. Small Silas is not a small version of Silas, but another red grape varieties, use it to brew Wine color deep, full bodied. This grape growing area in the world is not widely distributed, mainly in the United States, California, known as Petite Sirah. Two, the origin and the origin of Silas hybridization is inconclusive, but from the existing literature, many scholars believe that it originated in the French Rhone Valley (Rhone Valley), Ermita (Hermitage) and Luodiqiu (Cote Rotie). In 1998, Davies, California and Mengbuliai branch of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) DNA cooperative research shows that Silas is a white dream Duus (Mondeuse Blanche) and Du Ruisha (Dureza) of the two unknown species and hybrids. As for the small Silas, is originally from france. In 1860s, people have found a small Silas planted in eastern France, called Durif (Durif). In 1884, in the name of Sirah Petite small Silas was introduced into the United States of California, according to the study of California DNA show that small Silas is called a Lucy and Silas Pei (Peloursin) French grape by hybridization. Three, the variety characteristics of grape Silas medium mature fruit is small, thick skin, skin color is not deep, suitable for planting in high lime content in soil. As a result of the small Sylla parents have Sylla, both in the appearance of a certain degree of similarity. Silas small "small" embodied in the small fruit, the Pericarp Color is also very deep, thin skin, late maturing, vulnerable to heavy rain, gray mold and so on, so it is suitable for growing in the Mediterranean climate, dry growing season long to mature. Four, Wine style Silas Wine deep color, with black fruit, dark chocolate and black pepper aroma, full of taste. In temperate regions, Silas Wine may also with mint herbs, smoked meat and black pepper and other spices flavor. The weather is hot, it will exhibit more licorice and clove fragrance of sweet flavor, aged with wonderful animal and plant flavor flavor. The main flavor characteristics of small Wine including Silas blackberry, chocolate and black pepper. Although it Wine and Silas, usually taste note相关的主题文章: