Zhang Huiwen Dolce & Gabbana interview I am a very deep chowhound (video)-naughty怎么读

Zhang Huiwen Dolce & Gabbana interview: I am a very deep chowhound Zhang Huiwen: Tencent are all good friends I am Zhang Huiwen. Tencent are: in fact, this point of view Dolce & the Gabbana show quite suddenly, as if suddenly feeling, this feeling to see the show? Zhang Huiwen: I think this show gave me a lot of surprises, and its enthusiasm as well as its vitality really touched me, watching the show when I have a kind of impulse to want to rush to dance. Tencent fashion: are you wearing a show? Zhang Huiwen: right. Tencent fashion: can you tell us a little bit about it? Zhang Huiwen: in fact, this dress is the highlight of this cat is my chest, because the cat is the designer of the pet, so this is the highlight of the clothes. Tencent fashion: this time it seems that there is no star will look at the basic Dolce & Gabbana show, especially Chinese stars, what is the reason for this to Milan? Zhang Huiwen: Actually I have been very love Dolce & Gabbana; their clothes, and their sense of design makes me really moved, was also the designer of the invitation, the invitation of the brand, so I’m very happy to come. Tencent fashion: Dolce & Gabbana design is more abundant, especially shoes, bags, which one do you prefer? Zhang Huiwen: because this year’s design concept is the tropical style of Italy, so it may be something more summer feeling, I like this colorful feeling, especially the energy of youth. Tencent fashion: we can often see you forward the second shot inside the works, and now live more fire, have you ever thought of doing live? Zhang Huiwen: No, never. Tencent fashion: what are some of the new projects being prepared recently? Zhang Huiwen: because I just finished the big detective Hawthorne, and now I’m going to get ready for my next movie. Tencent are now more and more stars to participate in a reality show, including Yang Mi also attended the "real man" the more masculine point, that you have not considered? Zhang Huiwen: I also participated in the reality show, participated in the "I went to school", so in reality show when there will be a true embodiment of a character. Tencent: you are often late at night micro-blog poison, the sun has some delicacy photos, you are usually a chowhound? Zhang Huiwen: is a very deep chowhound, dessert, delicacy of the these I really hardcore. Tencent fashion: Italy also has a lot of food and desserts, do you have to eat Italian food? Zhang Huiwen: I have already tasted, I have eaten their local recommended ice cream, and some lobster, I ate the pasta. Tencent are: you have worked with many men of God, including Nick Cheung, like Louis Koo, and Li Yifeng, that is for you to cooperate and cooperate with the uncle small meat difference in what? Zhang Huiwen: I think it is a cooperative object, so as long as we together, for example, you can learn more from the so-called uncle I do not have knowledge相关的主题文章: