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The old driver said the car would not be safe? They might also kill Sohu now car 10 car owners, there will be 9 to install new car seat cover, after all, wear well, clean and healthy, everyone can understand. But I also believe that many small partners have heard that once the vehicle collision, the seat cover may affect the airbag ejection. So sometimes it’s not safe to wear a condom! And the car seat is a very scientific and technological content, not a sofa can sit on the top of the car. A car seat, from design to loading, the need to enter the large and small hundreds of experiments. So, don’t let the effort to buy the seat cover engineer because of improper waste, today the old driver came to buy several sets of seats and we count the hazards of improper. The first is for the side airbag of the vehicle, when the vehicle collision, the side airbag open, the body can be isolated from the door and other hard objects, so as to reduce the damage caused by side impact. Most models will be equipped with two seats in the front side airbags, high-end models generally in the rear seat will be. If the car is not suitable to install the rear seat will affect its ejection and deployment, endangering life safety. Tens of thousands of dollars to make thousands of dollars in the seat cover failure, too uneconomical. So for the side airbag car seat cover, when in the purchase, should avoid buying a package, the best choice for semi inclusive. The semi – enclosed chair cover can cover the chair surface, and the whole seat can not be wrapped. The material of the seat is carefully selected, because it is necessary to pass the harsh "whiplash test", so the friction coefficient of the material is quite high. While the popularity of "ice" and many other materials, seat cover, seat cushion, is a slippery. In the friction coefficient of the lack of seat cover, if the emergency brake or turn, the ass is likely to slide, leading to the braking action can not be completed, which is quite dangerous! The old driver just mentioned, most of the original seat is carefully designed by the engineer, the initial research in the use of ink drops, tomato sauce, cola and other fabrics in the seat may come into contact with the liquid corrosion test, accept high intensity UV exposure to verify the aging degree, will consider the material and environmental protection flame retardant, even will verify the fabric in front of a coin or even a knife scratch resistance, and ultimately determine the appropriate material only after mass production. So you don’t tell me that this is a small factory in the southern R & D seat, I haven’t seen is more durable than the seat seat, unless you are using a high-end seat cover price, otherwise a lot of the original seat even if you ravaged after ten years is still not bad. So, in fact, can not be fully equipped to cope with long-term use. Summary: the car seat is a big part of vehicle passive safety, vehicle safety testing every year all hi hit heavily tested strictly and as the automobile safety score of one of the most important items on the car seat. And before the factory, the designers will be on the seat of the passive safety, flame retardant performance, wear resistance, color fastness, strict testing, not the seat cover is also not affect the use of the seat.相关的主题文章: