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The old domestics embrace the internet intelligent audio technology Sohu – Hushan Texun November 10th news: with the iterative development of digital products, the demand for the wireless Bluetooth audio equipment is more and more big, and the uneven quality of products on the market, it is difficult to find a product to meet the ultimate requirements of most people. Now, a sound as the earliest audio brand, launched a small Hushan intelligent audio, its beautiful design, function is outstanding, best thing is the HIFI level of high quality audio playback, enough to meet the demands of the ultimate HIFI lovers. From the appearance point of view, the design of metal texture is very strong, round as the main design structure, brief and elegant. The lower part of the touch control button is made of plexiglass, with LED display, so that the main body of a more integrated control. In the design based on the simple and elegant, with high-end intelligent audio Hushan Luna CNC knob made of metal sandblasting process, computer engraving process of pure aluminum. From the perspective of the selection of the ultimate technology, this is not only a smart audio, but also a home placed art. The moon intelligent audio support 260 thousand color APP custom control, at the same time the sound body also supports color switching scenarios set 7-10. Through the special APP, can transform the colorful light environment, choose a more suitable music scene, to feel the Hushan Xiaoyue brought high-quality intelligent audio and enjoy it. In addition, the intelligent stereo Bluetooth support, NFC two wireless connection to play, but also support external TF Card player. It is worth noting that, when playing APE lossless music, lossless decoding technology, playback effect is completely a HIFI sound effect, worthy of praise. Added that the APP can also call a variety of music platform, you can download music and broadcast content without the need to download, very useful features. Design of alarm clock function is also very useful, because it can set the alarm light color and music, every morning will not be ruthless alarm woke up, not only able to comfortably get up, also can effectively avoid the radiation generated by the mobile phone as the alarm. Did not think of is, this provides intelligent sound sleep function. Through the built-in memory chip, will issue a special frequency of sound waves and sound, can effectively help people to sleep. Not only that, if in the summer, the smart audio can provide only need to open the mosquito repelling function, mode, it will send an inaudible sound waves to repel mosquitoes. Such a design, the design team is sufficient to reflect the care, so that this has a high fidelity sound quality of the sound of life is more close to the people. Say so many functions, have to say is its sound quality. The high fidelity lossless sound is the main feature of this product, the design team at the beginning of design positioning in high quality audio output, so the intelligent sound exquisite and not powered by lithium batteries, because the lithium battery will seriously affect the sound quality, so directly using the traditional power supply mode, through sufficient current to support high fidelity sound effect. ]相关的主题文章: