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Promotion plan of the State Office issued consumer standards and quality (2016 – 2020) – Beijing Office of the State Council on the promotion plan issued consumer standards and quality (2016 – 2020) Notice issued 2016 No. 68 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the ministries and commissions under the State Council subordinate bodies: "planning and enhance the standard and quality of consumer goods (2016 – 2020)" has been approved by the State Council, are hereby issued to you, please implement. The general office of the State Council on September 6, 2016 (the public release) planning and enhance the standard and quality of consumer goods (2016 – 2020) at present, China has become a global consumer goods production, consumption and trade power consumption, on the basis of economic growth increased significantly. However, consumer product standards and quality is difficult to meet the people’s growing consumer demand, showing obvious mismatch of supply and demand of consumer goods, the supply structure is irrational, the brand competitiveness is not strong, the consumption environment needs to be improved, lack of confidence in domestic consumption, restricting the growth of domestic consumption, and even cause the outflow of consumption. In order to deepen the consumer goods supply side structural reform, improve consumer standards and quality level, to ensure the safety of consumer goods quality, expand effective demand, improve the quality of people’s life, consolidate the consumer goods industry development foundation, to promote the "Chinese manufacturing" towards the end, effectively promote the smooth implementation of the 2025 Chinese manufacturing ", add new impetus for economic and social the development, the development of the plan. I. General requirements (1) guiding ideology. With the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session as a guide, in accordance with the "four overall" strategic layout and the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to firmly establish the concept of innovation, development, coordination, green, open and shared, focus on promoting the supply side structural reform, improve the quality of leading consumer goods to advanced standard, forced transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing, expand the effective supply to meet new needs, improve the consumption environment of the release of new energy, innovative institutional mechanisms to stimulate new vitality, innovation in science and technology to support the standardization and quality improvement, outstanding standard lead, innovation quality supply, focus on increasing the variety, quality, brand, to meet people’s daily the growth of consumer demand. (two) basic principles. Adhere to market orientation. Play the role of market mechanism, strengthen the enterprise market dominant position, stimulate enterprise standards and enhance the quality of internal power, aiming at the weak link in the consumer market, in order to improve the quality of the traditional consumer demand to upgrade, technology, products, and create a new industry model innovation to meet consumer demand, to ensure basic consumption, increase the quality of consumption, to seize the high-end consumption, leading the industry to upgrade to the upgrading of consumption. Persist in reform and innovation. Promote decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize service reform, speed up the standard of scientific and technological innovation, and improve the quality of system innovation and mechanism innovation, get rid of institutional barriers, to maximize the abolition of restrictions on market access, purify the consumer market environment, play innovation standard multiplier effect and improve the quality of. Adhere to the standard guide. Improve the standard supply.相关的主题文章: