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A "seven inch" (how to make policy interpretation? The focus of anti telecommunications fraud) – social – school season, Shandong student Xu Yuyu, died of grief cheated tuition event so many people tryin. Since then, there have been many cases of fraud into public view. Although the suspect Xu Yuyu case has been arrested, but the discussion around telecommunications fraud continues to heat up. Received text messages and telephone fraud, is a lot of people have experienced trouble. Shanxi set up anti fraud center, so that the public security, banking, telecommunications and other departments joint office to facilitate internal coordination. Such a mechanism to stop, to combat telecommunications fraud can play power? Multi sectoral joint office, fraud number can be monitored in advance when Lee continued to accept public security inquiry, he would not think it is a fraud call. Lee is Shanxi, Yuncheng, in the south to work, one day claiming to be a public security bureau to call the person to be checked, and constantly ask". Up to 5 hours after the call, Lee believes, and is prepared by the public security requirements of their own $110 thousand to fight each other. At this time, Zhejiang Skynet monitoring system has alarm, display the "black list" in a number of suspected fraud in a number of Shanxi and talk for a long time. The local police immediately contact the Shanxi anti fraud center, after receiving the call, the mobile operators anti fraud center staff stationed in Shanxi immediately verify the number owner information, because do not play into the phone, anti fraud center through the local police contact their families, through another phone stop is ready to hit the lee. Shanxi anti fraud center was established in March this year. The day before, the reporter came here, Shanxi banks, Shanxi Province Communications Authority, Shanxi province stationed liaison personnel are nervous office. In front of the computer, the staff are using the "telecommunications fraud case investigation platform fast input information. More than one day when the center received hundreds of reports, the workload is still great." Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau police Dai Qiang said. Anti fraud center is not directly accept the masses of the alarm unit, but multi sectoral staff on duty coordination and command department. In advance to discourage the occurrence of telecommunications fraud before, after the occurrence of telecommunications fraud, real-time verification, quick freezing and emergency stop, grab time with fraudsters." Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps captain Ma Runsheng said. For telecommunications fraud, the main role of the anti fraud center is two aspects, one is the precise analysis, will be pulled into the blacklist number, advance filing, monitoring anomalies. Two is the case after the joint operation to reduce losses in a timely manner. At the end of July, Shanxi province anti fraud center has assisted the public security organs at all levels to detect telecommunications network fraud cases since 821, involving the number 1011 query, emergency stop payment freeze funds involved more than 1027 yuan. Seize the freeze, payment of gold for half an hour late on July 28th, a company in Shanxi city of Changzhi province Qinyuan County staff Shimou in a chat software, claiming to be the chairman of the board found that people talk to him, asking him for money to pay. As the chat avatar, the information has been done to imitate the process, a history did not alert, according to the requirements of the fraud will be 4 million 880 thousand yuan into the designated相关的主题文章: