Pu Jinhui bestie Cui Shunshi denied he was behind the powerful figure-dnf商人吧

Pu Jinhui "bestie" Cui Shunshi denied he was behind the powerful figure in local time on October 31st at 23:57 PM, South Korean prosecutors arrested under investigation "trusted intervention" incident involving the characters of Cui Shunshi. Photograph: visual Chinese Beijing Union in November 2, Korea prosecutors quoted South Korean news, local time 1 days, the prosecution is under investigation "Pu Jinhui political parties do cronies" incident Cui Shunshi denied the suspect, also denied he was behind the powerful figure outside called "". Cui Shunshi also said he does not know the suspected intervention set up Mir and K sports consortium and the consortium fund-raising activities of the chief secretary and former Chong Wa Dae An Zhongfan. The Mir consortium and the K sports consortium are alleged to have been funded by large corporations, and Chong Wa Dae has been involved in the process, and in fact forced companies to invest. Previously, Ann Jong said he did not know Cui Shunshi does not know what the K sports group. The prosecution will be in the afternoon of 2 summoned an Jong appearing in court for investigation. On the afternoon of October 31st, Cui Shunshi appeared to the central Seoul local procuratorate investigation, and was detained in the evening. Prosecutors plan to sort out the specific facts of the crime within 48 hours of the longest detention within the time of the arrest of Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi. Cui Lin suspected of privatization of the Mir consortium and K sports consortium, Chong Wa Dae confidential documents review, improper arrangements for her daughter Zheng into Ewha Womans University, etc., as many as 10 suspects.相关的主题文章: