The rain a Jiazi Hebei eight late couple like diamond wedding celebration-rewrite攻略�

The rain a Jiazi Hebei eight late couple like diamond wedding celebration of the original title:? A storm accompanied by Whitehead Jiazi in November 15th, the 16th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, returning to the sun on the earth. Julu county hospital medical center activity room, along with "I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you" song, the 83 year old English teacher Chan with trembling hands to pick up a wedding ring, trembling to wear in the 81 year old wife Liu Guiqiao left ring finger on. Look at the silver haired old companion, he affectionately said: "63 years ago today, we wish to accompany whitehead. Now, we did it. The way back, we also succeeded in hand, go down together." The same excited Liu Guiqiao didn’t know what to say, in the crowd of paramedics goodwill booing, whispered "I love you", and then feel shy, covered her face with her hands. Holding her hand, listening to her children and nursing staff’s blessing, the British can division face became a flower, happy tears blurred eyes. First love after marriage, light years? In 1952, then Julu County Ling Shi Tun primary school substitute teacher’s English teacher can is just 20 years old, he was given permission to each other is a business of a village girl called Liu Guiqiao, when he was just 18 years old. English teacher can consider they have a job, too, eat the rice, but the family conditions are relatively difficult — mother gave birth to my brother died 9 days later, his father died, and his 8 year old brother, he agreed. Later in the matchmaker arrangements, future mother-in-law and teachers can see English once, even if the marriage settled down. Young people today may not believe it, until the second year of marriage in the 16th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the young men and women met for the first time. They are the first love after marriage, this love about more than one cycle. Marriage is dull, can teachers in school English teaching, pay to the wife family; wife to work, to work in the home, raising children. The days are like a stream flowing to the distance, though it is generally gentle, and there are waves. In order to his wife and children, he gave up the teachers’ occupation? After 1960, a great famine in the South Hebei Plain, they cannot survive the little family. English teacher can continue the class in the school, organize students to participate in various kinds of sports; in addition to his wife Liu Guiqiao attend the production team work, working overtime to noon in his back after the seed, dried, fried, crushed, mixed in the face, only to send food to him two Steamed Buns. Once home to work in the unit for a long period of time, the British division can find his wife thin badly, six meters tall she weighs less than seventy pounds, it seems that a gust of wind can blow down. My wife never complained to him a sound bitter, for him to take the unit is no less a half pound of grain. Hold as thin as a threadpaper wife, this strong man cried. After a period of consideration, decided to give up English teacher can teachers this respectable occupation. When many leaders and colleagues to his regret, he replied: "I want to go home, to keep the wife and children, can not let her suffer me back." The day went on,相关的主题文章: