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The concept of | entertainment "Sun Li events" public value _ entertainment _ Tencent (the Geli and entertainment Zhuangao) it is undeniable that we really ushered in a "Star" Society: Star more easily detonated public issues every act and every move. The day before, Sun Li has released a micro-blog network rights, claiming that the hotel near one or two at night in the construction, noise of the rest, I hope the relevant departments can be solved. However, it is her unexpected developments, some netizens pointed out that the construction project of the "Jinzhong area regardless of day and night" is in fact the light rail project, related to the vital interests of local people, must be finished as soon as possible. Yang Yang because of a leg to take high-speed rail high photos, also into a public dispute. Thus, the discussion of friends locked in the minority and the majority of the interests of the game, and continue to fight, regardless of competition. In fact, the "minority" and "the majority" of the interests of the dispute is not the result, which is an ancient political issues, has been debated for thousands of years. However, the real significance of the debate is not winning, but in the "argument" process itself. If not a star in micro-blog @ number, question mark, exclamation mark, it is very difficult for us to pay attention to the "minority" and "most people" dilemma, users are not aware of, his comments have may be a kind of political participation. It is precisely from the star of micro-blog, we are able to arrive at democracy, this is really a social phenomenon with Chinese characteristics, perhaps because we have too many Internet users. From the Sun Li rights event, we can at least put forward two questions: first, Sun Li tried to use the micro-blog fans to solve the problem of sleep can not solve the personal problems, this is the star privilege? Second, Jinzhong Internet users to accelerate the light rail project, Sun Li ordered to sacrifice sleep, this is the "tyranny of the majority"? To answer these two questions, we must understand what is "the star". The basic definition of "star study" is that "Star" is the product of the media age. Generally speaking, the "Star" is not ordinary people, but also not a celebrity, television, cinema, computer, IPAD, mobile phone and so on the screen can be seen "person", "Star" is a visual symbol in essence; conversely, if a person can not be mobile terminal development. He is not likely to become a star". Further questioning, what is the big star? The so-called "big star", is has the largest number of fans of the star, as long as they should be a must for fans, mountains and seas are whistling, the entertainment industry is the first productivity. Obviously, the media age has changed our "human" evaluation system, we pay no attention to a person’s good and bad, but on whether he is important, our evaluation standards become extreme representation and external, become simple and crude. "Micro-blog" directly quantifies the importance of "people" – how important you are depends on how many fans you have. We must understand that the "Sun Li incident" was able to trigger a wide range of social discussions, because’s micro-blog fans have about 30000000, her speech is the most easily seen. In this sense, as the "Star" of Sun Li is of course important, because she successfully triggered a.相关的主题文章: