Liu Qi, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, was elected governor of Jiangxi pr-申威1600

Liu Qi, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee was elected governor of Jiangxi province (Figure resume) – Nanchang, September (reporter Liu Junwu) 28, the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress held the six meeting of the twelve session of the people’s Republic of China, held in Nanchang on. In the afternoon of the election meeting, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, the provincial governor Liu Qi was elected governor of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s government at the meeting. (end) Liu Qi resume Liu Qi, male, Han nationality, born in September 1957, Shandong Yishui people, joined the Communist Party in October 1976 Chinese, March 1974 to participate in the work, postgraduate degree, a doctorate in economics. In March 1974, Zhejiang province Wuyi County Peach Tan Xiang commune youth March 1977, Zhejiang University; Department of chemical engineering, polymer chemical industry professional learning; in March 1980, Zhejiang Province, Quzhou chemical industry company electrical plant control room dispatcher, deputy director, deputy director of electrochemical plant of caustic soda workshop, deputy director and director, director and Secretary of the Party committee; January 1992, deputy general manager of Zhejiang chemical factory factory and Zhejiang good high chemical Co. Ltd; January 1996, deputy director of Zhejiang Province, the Petroleum Chemical Industry Department of Party members; in August 1996, Zhejiang Province, deputy director of the petroleum chemical industry department and deputy party Secretary (1994.091996.12 provincial Party leading cadres of political economics graduate class professional learning); April 1997, deputy director of Zhejiang provincial planning and Economic Commission in September 1997; in Zhejiang Province, Juhua General manager, group vice chairman and Party committee; July 1998, general manager, Zhejiang Juhua Group Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party committee, Quzhou Municipal Committee; September 1998, chairman and party secretary, general manager of Zhejiang Juhua Group Corporation, Quzhou municipal Party Committee Standing Committee; February 2000, chairman and party secretary of Zhejiang Province, Juhua Group Corporation, Quzhou Municipal Standing Committee (training young cadres to learn 2002.032003.01 Central Party school year in February 2003, Zhejiang Province:); Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, acting mayor; in May 2003, the mayor of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Zhejiang province; March 2006, director of Zhejiang provincial development and Reform Commission, Party Secretary of 2003.032006.11 (Xi’an Jiao Tong University of Applied Economics postgraduate study, by doctor of Economics In January 2008, Zhejiang); deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee; April 2008, chairman and deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, the Provincial Federation of trade unions; in January 2011, Zhejiang Province, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee, acting mayor; in February 2011, the mayor of Ningbo Municipal Committee, Zhejiang province; in April 2013, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee and party secretary of Ningbo; February 2016, President of Jiangxi provincial Party committee deputy secretary of the provincial Party school; July 2016, vice secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee, provincial vice governor and acting governor, Party Secretary of the provincial Party school. (according to the Jiangxi Provincial People’s government website)相关的主题文章: