Most of the northern part of the North China will continue to have a haze weather-残清1864

Most of the temperature in the North continued downturn in North China tomorrow will have the haze weather original title: North temperature downturn with mild haze China that North China weather network news today (23 days) the typhoon "hippocampus" effect near the end, East China rainfall will be significantly reduced; in the north, the cold air is still the "home court" is expected. Today, tomorrow, the northern most temperature slump will remain, in addition, starting next Monday, North Middle East air pollution diffusion condition gradually deteriorated, and there will be fog and haze. 21 evening after typhoon crossing, Guangdong, Shanwei, the emergence of a magnificent cloud of fire. (Tuke small army Beijing) by the "hippocampus" weakened after the residual circulation and cold air in the north of yesterday, southern Huang Huai, JAC, Jiangnan East Central and Northern Southern China become concentrated rainfall area, including rain in parts of central and southern Anhui, Shanghai, South Central Jiangsu north of Jiangxi, Eastern Hubei, Eastern Hunan local, Fujian and other places in Western Shanghai is strong, there has been more than 100 mm of precipitation. For Shanghai, in late October and even the storm has not appeared. Tourist attractions, such as Anhui, Mount Huangshan from 20 to 14 when the day before yesterday, the cumulative rainfall of 60.3 mm, break the local precipitation in mid October the strongest single day record, especially at 10-13 for 3 hours one hour more than 10 mm of rainfall. 22 days, Mount Huangshan strong rainfall, rain mountain map for tourists. (@ forget Sina micro-blog map tree) heavy rainfall in these areas will weaken obviously today, is expected to Southern China and other places in the east of Jianghuai, South, small to moderate. In addition, the increase of this tomorrow in Southwest China, the precipitation in the eastern part of Sichuan basin, which generally have the strong rain, moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain, the need to pay attention to prevent. 21, Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu City, Siziwangqi snow tree appearance beauty. In the north, still in the cold air". Yesterday during the day, the northeast South, central Inner Mongolia, North West and East, Huang Huai, middle east part of northwest area and northwest Xinjiang are cooling the central and southern part of Liaoning, the regional decline in central Inner Mongolia, more than 10 DEG C. Shenyang 5.7 degrees Celsius, the second half of this year, the highest temperature for the first time fell below the temperature of 10 degrees celsius. In addition, Changchun, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Xining, Ji’nan and other places have reached the highest temperature in the second half of this year to a new low. This is expected tomorrow, North China in the eastern region will be affected by the cold air, to a large area of cooling, and the temperature will be maintained at a very low level in most parts of North China are at 15 degrees or below, Eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China region is less than 10 C. At the same time, a stronger cold air force has begun to affect northern Xinjiang, will begin to large parts of China brings significant winds cool weather in 26 days, the northern most areas will appear the situation of the low temperature of innovation at the same time, lower than the same period the year before, until next Friday, I will show the temperature in the north the situation is obviously low. Which is affected by the cold air, the temperature in Urumqi will show a downward trend, is expected to相关的主题文章: