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Ceng Yongxi, a new child smiled very highly to sing "Ceng Yongxi Ceng Yongxi Ceng Yongxi song Qingcheng" night "the whole city in the rain" Tencent entertainment news recently, known as little Fish Leong, the appearance of unique sweet temperament pure girl Ceng Yongxi, singing idol drama "urban youth smiled very little" TV series episode "want to meet a person", the song penned by Chen Guanfu teacher, Chinese music played the highest lyricist Yao Ruolong teacher lyricist, well-known song master teacher Yao Ruolong is clear, this is the first single teacher Yao Ruolong in their own unique way to write the hope for love and insisted that the description may have met a love of people however, because of various factors, in which two people died, now looking back, eager to meet a person, accompany each other. This first episode "want to meet a person" became the "drama version of a smile is Qingcheng" and the story with a little love song is very high. Fans were called "a smile what then" and "the reed is tiny" crazy BGM, as long as a God and saw Xiao slightly together, his mind will automatically clear the song sounded romantic love songs. Ceng Yongxi with her clear voice will sing this song most incisive, not only accurately express the meaning of the lyrics, but with a story and picture, the song and the effect of play to the extreme. Before the exposure of the Yang Yang series for the first time ever the same song singing vocals ignited the intense attention of fans of the music, and after Yang Yang, won the audience favorite by Ceng Yongxi DEDECATES perform the episode "want to meet a person" the fresh style, instantly boarded the major media platform, his search hot. According to the Gu diffuse novel of the same name, starring Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, Mao Xiaotong, Bai Yu, Niu Junfeng, Zheng Yecheng, Cui Hang and other co urban youth idol drama "smiled very little" is hit, a love from Online to Offline the story of the drama about the Department of computer Curve Wrecker Department of flowers and grass and shellfish great God Shige Xiao Nai accidentally met in the game after the meet in reality. This time the other game creative exposure, exquisite screen highlight production capabilities, creative drama reflects the details carefully, youth campus and fantasy game style reversal, the fans shouted, "the original idol drama so you can play", everyone on the expected value of the line also soared.相关的主题文章: