Dissatisfied with the decision of the court to throw the eldest daughter of the court said the court-木村kaela

The couple dissatisfied with the decision in November to raise the court said the court throw her original title: resist execution, cruel couple girl threw on the executive board said that the child is a parent’s heartstrings, but to live in the Pudong Kang couples, it seemed that the house is more important. Due to the relocation of housing property dissatisfied with the judgment, in order to regain the house and to compensate the Kang couple in others instigation, he will be 11 months old daughter threw in the court of the executive board, said "do not live in the house, let the court raise children", in order to put pressure on the implementation of the judge. Recently, the Pudong New Area court to make a serious deal with Kang couples, executed justice Kang was detained for fifteen days, the wife of Wang Kang in lactation from detention, to criticism and repentance. Refused to move out of the house of ginger Mouyuan ex-wife lives in Hongkou District, in 90s, he worked with the outside Shanghai Liu married. In 2011, along with the old city transformation, a family living room husband Jiang 844000, assigned to the three sets of 844000 housing in Pudong and hundreds of thousands of yuan of resettlement. 2014, two people divorced. Later, Liu filed a lawsuit household division. After the court of Pudong, three sets of resettlement housing in a set of Liu all, at the same time, Liu should pay compensation to Jiang, such as more than forty yuan. Jiang refused to accept the appeal, upheld the conviction. After the court decision, Kang refused to move out of the house, during marries Wang for his wife, and at the end of last year gave birth to a daughter. In order to recover the house, Liu Jiang Mou helpless again prosecution, asked to move out of the house, to apply for housing transfer procedures and compensation for loss of rent and property, the Pudong court supported the petition for her. After the entry into force of the judgment, Jiang refused to move out for various reasons. Liu Mousui to the court for enforcement. It is the duty of the judge to protect the interests of the parties. But the judge considered ginger forecasts of young children, did not immediately take coercive measures, but repeatedly come to do the work, but also to the application executor Ryu for some time to move out, move out. But even so, ginger still refused to move out of contact. Liu did not see the slightest move away from the meaning of Liu while he was on the occasion of the organization to recover their own houses. That house was his ex-wife back, ginger one big dissatisfaction. At the instigation of others, the couple took only 11 month old daughter came to the executive board, and took it to the judge, the judge unreasonable demands to recover the house, and let the other side to increase the amount of compensation. The judge repeated its work to make it clear that it was unreasonable. At this time, the absurd scene appeared, ginger couple see the requirements can not be met, the daughter threw a U-turn and left, and threatened no house to live, let the court to raise children!" The judge quickly catch up, but two people had already left. Folly for serious treatment at the age of one child, the judge immediately cry piteously for food, to the executive bureau report, launched the emergency response mechanism. It turned out that the court of Pudong and Shanghai Rainbow Youth Development Center has been established to assist the implementation of the mechanism, the center for various types of criminal and civil cases led to the temporary homeless children相关的主题文章: