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Is such a capricious "passing from your world" Yang Yang Bai Baihe "star couple mention on passing from your world" entertainment news "as its Tencent for mention by Zhang Jiajia, the original screenwriter, film director Zhang Yibai announced the" passing from your world "will be released in September 29th the National Archives archives. The film by Deng Chao starring Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, guest starred Yue Yunpeng, cuckoo, starring Liu Yan, the annual blockbuster IP, the strongest emotional strongest cast together to create archives recently released posters, officially announced the movie file to September 29th, ahead of time to meet with you. "And as for mention" the world "to mention September 29th before the film released and announced the original poster to mention the September 30th film" passing from your world "mention to September 29th. This poster mention from Chongqing artists Tootoo works, ingenious design, poster protagonist in the bottle into the sky, the bottle turned a little time in "9.29", the meaning of this is "caused a lot of conjecture, Chen et al at the end of the" party after the carnival had depressed after the relieved? These will be released after the release of the film. The poster, very "mountain city" characteristics of the buildings dotted with warm light, while the river, ships, bridges, rail and housing together in the background of the city, once again show I want to do a movie like the original lamps and candles of a myriad families screenwriter Zhang Jiajia said ", is that you will see is the attitudes of the world are on the inside however, it is just a story around the core to promote the" allow the film to convey "the whole world" concept more clearly. Let the audience see hope in despair "and" bedtime story "turned emotional although posters appeared in" blockbuster, but also the audience lamps and candles of a myriad families "feel lonely, lonely feeling from this poster, but in fact the film is to let everyone see hope in despair". The original writer Zhang Jiajia once said, "these stories have experienced their own through the road once in my life, I would like to convey to you is not that they are too gloomy, desperate, I want to do is to let everyone see hope in despair". The annual blockbuster emotion this long-awaited not only has the strongest IP as a base, more the best love movie director Zhang Yibai and has a remarkable achievement since the custom file starring lineup, pay close attention to the original fans and fans, Zhang Jiajia’s "bedtime story" will become the city’s emotional story to all parties how in the movie are very looking forward to. After the exposure of a series of posters, trailers and other materials, the audience’s expectation value is soaring, now announced to mention the September 29th movie will meet with the audience in the cinema earlier. The movie "passing from your world" in September 29th the National Archives released for the first time to mention, we walked into the cinema, enjoying the show "the annual blockbuster emotional lamps and candles of a myriad families".相关的主题文章: