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The latest trends – 5 table through Huijin gold card and social security holdings of securities Sohu       the latest agency holdings list through the 5 table, tell you the national team (Huijin, gold card, social security), the latest trends in QFII, and a number of shareholders of a centralized what. Data show that, as of February 3rd closing, two cities have 40 listed companies to disclose annual reports. Huijin appeared 15 shares, the position is very stable, as of now, 40 related company stock trend has been disclosed annual report, the company has 15 top ten tradable shareholders appear Huijin figure. Huijin did not increase or decrease operations, but transferred from the Central Huijin name to Huijin information management. The specific list is as follows: gold card appeared 6 company, two of the holdings of 6 listed companies in the top ten tradable shareholders of Golden Shadow, it is worth noting that, Anxin trust, the real development of the two companies report shows that the company’s four quarter gold card holdings were 14 million 452 thousand shares and 24 million 77 thousand and 600 shares of the two. Social security: 12 companies appeared in the "top ten" for the new 5 awkwardness fund report shows that a total of 12, including the national core technology was overweight; no change in number of shares 3 shares soaring technology; biological garden 5 shares is the 4 quarter awkwardness new; Huarun Wandong 3 shares are underweight. QFII:3 family QFII appeared 4 companies, 1 shares were reduced, the number of shareholders of these stocks decreased significantly at the end of the three quarter of 2015: 5张表看透汇金证金和社保的持股最新动向-搜狐证券    机构最新持仓一览   本文通过5张表,告诉你国家队(汇金、证金、社保)、QFII最新动向,以及股东户数大幅集中的个股有哪些。   数据显示,截至2月3日收盘,两市目前已经有40家上市公司披露年报。   汇金现身15股持仓很稳定   截至目前,40家 相关公司股票走势 已披露年报公司中有15家前十大流通股东出现汇金身影。汇金并未进行增减持操作,只是从中央汇金名下转移至汇金资管。具体名单如下:   证金现身6公司,两家被减持   6家上市公司前十大流通股东出现证金身影,值得注意的是,安信信托、上实发展两家公司年报显示,证金公司四季度分别减持两者1445.2万股和2407.76万股股票。   社保:现身12家公司“前十” 5家为新进   年报显示,社保基金重仓股共12只,其中国睿科技获增持;高升科技等3股持股数量没有变动;花园生物等5股属4季度新进重仓股;华润万东等3股被减持。   QFII:3家QFII现身4公司 1股被减持   这些个股的股东户数较2015年三季度末大幅减少:相关的主题文章: