The buyer suggested that people buy a car disguised bribes jailed for 4 and a half years.-嘿嘿taxi

The buyer suggested people buy real disguised bribes jailed for 4 and a half years suggest that the original title: people buy a car as purchasing actually disguised bribes of state-owned enterprises in the use of his office, Zhen, accepting other people’s money more than 53 yuan to buy suv. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, due to bribery, Zhen was sentenced to imprisonment for 4 years and 6 months, fined 200 thousand yuan. Car Buying was accused of money according to the prosecutor accused, in May 2013, the defendant Chen use as Beijing Aerospace Air Machinery Equipment Co., procurement staff office, to provide help for the aerospace Logistics Co., Ltd. received Aerospace logistics supplies two director Sohn (handled separately) to give money more than 53 yuan, and the money for the purchase of a Volvo suv. Public prosecutor that the defendant Chen Mou’s behavior should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes. Face prosecution facts and charges, Zhen in the trial were disagreed, he thought he was just borrowed from the vehicle, does not constitute a crime. Zhen explained that he is mainly responsible for the procurement of materials to solve problems of short period, is also responsible for emergency materials procurement and coordination and solution. Zhen and Sohn met in 2011, when the sun is two materials Aerospace Logistics Center Deputy Director, on behalf of the company and the space docking logistics center. Others had "suggested" car Sohn said, on behalf of the main unit and Zhen docking, 2013 3, April, Zhen told him a few idle index on hand to buy a car, ask the need, the need not. After Zhen also suggested the Department to buy a car, and said that if not used, can be used to give him. The sun will understand Zhen is to make their own car. I began to put forward some suitable for the use of official vehicles or business vehicles, but he did not agree, he proposed are suitable for family or personal use of the car." Sohn said Zhen Mouxuan a final 53 yuan Volvo suv. "I never drove this car, and he never mentioned it to me again." Sohn said Zhen in the business to help him, one is his business has been expanding from business since two is in the whole business process in Zhen played a role in coordinating important, three is when to remittance settlement is timely, so I agreed to seek the zhen. The first instance jailed for four and a half years Haidian court that, although Zhen deny suspects vehicle proceeds of bribery, argued that the Department of borrowing, but other documented evidence can confirm that the car for more than two years in Zhen domination under control. There are indications that the car is not what it called borrowed, but the convenience of the use of his position to facilitate the illegal bribery. Final court of first instance to accept bribes, sentenced him to 4 years and 6 months, fined $200 thousand. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu editor: SN222相关的主题文章: