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Beijing – VIDEO – Hebei disabled blind date three pairs of lovers in Hebei held the disabled blind date three pairs of lovers in hand [comment] in August 28th, Hebei Province, the second Paralympic meeting held in Shijiazhuang. Nearly 200 disabled people from around Hebei to find true love here. The theme of this blind date is "I want to have a home". In the dating scene, many people with disabilities act through their self introduction, liberal and dignified, talent show and other aspects, to show their true love, shout out the declaration, won the applause of the audience. Over the same period, the participants came to find the object, help, here to know more about some girlfriends and boyfriends. Through this event, the participants met a lot of friends, I hope to engage in this activity. [interpretation] organizers of the event Lv Jianbin is also a disabled person, he said that people with disabilities have the right to love, but the lack of communication platform for people with disabilities, causing the disabled marriage has become a big problem. For the disabled to show themselves, to express the aspirations of the venue, he has always been the wish. During the same period, Hebei Province, the second session of the blind blind organizers Lv Jianbin I am also disabled, disabled people find a home is not easy. Through this opportunity, the first to get to know a lot of friends, their second marriage, to find their other half. Reporter Ai Guangde Hebei, Shijiazhuang reports相关的主题文章: