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Beijing has the most blocking day: before the evening peak congestion continued to 22 when reporters zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, photographed by Zhang Ni " src=" 20160914; 201691422034.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" 14 evening peak hours, the North Sanhuan appear more serious congestion. Beijing News reporter Zhang Ni photo " > 14 evening peak hours, North Sanhuan serious congestion. Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 14 (reporter Zhang Ni) – the last working day before the Mid Autumn Festival, Beijing people’s home road is not very smooth. Affected by the pre holiday travel, shopping and other factors, the peak of the city’s traffic index climbed to 7.7, close to the level of severe congestion, until around 22, the city’s road network to restore basic smooth. According to earlier forecast the traffic control department of Beijing, Beijing today will usher in the day the most blocking day "during the evening peak, the city’s traffic index is expected to soar to 8.8 serious congestion level. 14 early in the morning, the city of Beijing road network operating pressure on the rise. About 7:30, the whole road network traffic index rose to a moderate level of congestion, this situation lasted for the whole morning, at 11:30, the whole road network traffic index has been hovering above 6, 12 after remission. 6:30 or so, after the discovery of the phenomenon of the East Third Ring vehicle queuing." A taxi driver said in Beijing, this morning has obviously felt the morning rush ahead. A lot of ground bus ride or drive the public in a interview with Xinhua reporter also said that today the early peak commuting time was significantly prolonged, by contrast, take the subway commuter people did not have too much influence. In the afternoon, the road traffic pressure after a brief remission, and quickly ushered in the evening peak. Around 14 in the afternoon, the city’s road network traffic index has reached the level of congestion, half an hour after climbing to moderate congestion levels. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan photo " src=" 20160914 201691422553.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" peak in late September 14th, a road congestion situation in Beijing. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan photo " > September 14th evening peak, a road congestion situation in Beijing. China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan photo 17:30 or so, the city’s road network index soared to 7.7, close to the level of severe congestion. In addition, Beijing, Beijing Chengde, Beijing Tibet, Beijing Shanghai, Beijing, Kazakhstan, airport road at high speed since the afternoon there were congestion. Compared to the last weekend of congestion, 14 evening peak congestion time was significantly extended, about to about 22, the city相关的主题文章: