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"Neptune" will add "old green goblin" – Sohu will play as Neptune mentor entertainment William Dafoe Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi), directed by the famous Hollywood director Wen Ziren Warner produced Asian cartoon blockbuster "Sea King", today released the latest news: in the old version of "Spider Man" series of films in the successful play "old green goblin" show star William Dafoe will officially join the film, play the male lead "Neptune" mentor Nudisi Vico (Nuidis – Vulko). This plays an important role in the original comics, Neptune around the most executive power of the people. Dafoe played this role, but also will appear in another super blockbuster Justice League, Dafoe’s performance will be fans attention. "Neptune", previously invited wrote "300: Rise of the Empire" script Kurt Johnstad (Kurt Johnstad) writing the script, the film side has been invited to write popular drama "David" a dead-alive person Lyle Johnson (David Lisle Johnson) to polish the original script. Johnson is able to get this opportunity, is also related to Wen Ziren and Warner: he worked for Warner’s "gods of war" writing the script, and Wen Ziren is the producer of "orphan" wrote the script, and the newly completed "2" spiritualism also made him the script penned. "The Barbarian King Conan" actor Jason (Jason Momoa) – MoMA will play the role of the hero of "Sea King". "Neptune" is a classic cartoon character DC, debuted in 1941. He was regarded as a superman under water, to the creatures in the sea is one of the founders of issue orders left and right, the Justice League ". Hollywood star Johnny – Depp’s wife, actress Amber Hilde – emotion in the film, will play a important "sea Queen" Mae La (Queen Mera). The character first appeared in 1963, is the "Sea King" wife, two people died later because his son caused a serious rift, Aquaman almost missed the MAE La kill. CW television in the "Smallville", this role has only a real image appears. "Neptune" will be landing in July 27, 2018 in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: