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Show to the world’s highest Rimula men’s jacket salute 20:30 on September 19, 2016, Shanghai became the Rimula men’s stage. The leading Chinese business casual men’s jacket brand leadership summit Rimula men’s summit in Shanghai – Shanghai center 118 highest in the world show, opened the first show in the 546 meter special jacket category cloud. 80 sets of jacket styling, the world’s top supermodel Alex, the world’s sexiest man, international supermodel Parker LED big show, the international cosmetics master Andy Koh to build the palace level makeup, 40 international and domestic first-line male model in the context of the entire Shanghai bright night, the clouds show 360 ring T Taiwan, to pay tribute! The world’s top supermodel Alex sexiest man, international supermodel Parker show the highest in the world, the first category show attracted a special jacket, film, wealth, finance, elite groups of women, Takahashi Sinaohiro and many other big coffee show front row guest: Asia as the emperor Bowie Lam, the godfather of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs horse chairman Niu Wenwen, director of research, Chinese commercial civilization the center of the circle of friends, Qin Shuo Qin Shuo, Chinese locate the first person Deng Delong, China interactive media group CEO Hong Huang, the only public media founder President Yang Hui, the international Chanticleer makeup artist Andy…… Asia as the emperor left: Bowie Lam: Director, Chinese commercial civilization research center of Qin Shuo friends founder Qin Shuo left two: CEO Hong faithful Rimula men’s right: China positioning first person Deng Delong right two: The Godfather, venture entrepreneurs horse cattle Lisa Chinese Interactive Media Group Chairman CEO Hong Huang left: the only public media founder President Yang Hui right vice president Gong Yanqi international Chanticleer Rimula men’s brand cosmetics master Andy Koh the world’s highest tribute to the show, Rimula men’s jacket, began in 1980, 36 years of continuous improvement. Only time to understand the great, 36 years, always adhere to the "Rimula men’s jacket" is the core category of plough, with "leading style design" and "version of the type experienced" consumers have a good reputation, and through product design exquisite leading brand management, strong robust, complete monopoly sales system, become Chinese business casual men’s pioneer and leading brands, leading to the world Chinese. Different from the fashion season new release show the practice, will focus on their Rimula men’s attention and adhere to the 36 years of the "jacket" category, Rimula men’s National Laboratory produced 80 sets of jacket, jacket with the overall shape design, while maintaining the costume and accessories under the same condition, by changing the different styles of the jacket the interpretation of different style, male, to explore the future development of the jacket, jacket to salute! The pragmatism design as the foundation, combined with the international men’s design trends, explore the future prospective Rimula jacket, with version of the design of human engineering, emphasizing the aesthetic design, show the male appearance aesthetics, is the core of the 80 big show jacket design, the design is always adhere to Ba Jin men. Rimula men’s target audience is the Chinese market the most dynamic and creative wealth groups. Along with the economic development, and constantly improve the quality of life for their attitude, Rimula men!相关的主题文章: