This winter, you have to eat the pot I can help you out! – Sohu to eat and drink jcuv是什么车

This winter, you have to eat the pot I can help you out! Sohu and treasure, let me warm you? There, the girl the boy said: "Hani, I cannot do without you here, miniko hold the pot, wipe the mouth slobber said: Pan, I cannot do without you to tell the truth, this autumn and winter, a pot may be able to warm the heart stomach only need to pay less money than a man, you can head to feet hot tonight over which brand? I myself can also call the shots! Girls, come with me, eat spicy spicy food! For God chicken shop pork stomach the whole family can eat the delicious soup more cool weather is to drink hot soup, and now is a good time to eat chicken, eat a lot of cold summer barbecue, hurt the stomach qi. In the anti dry autumn health tonic, should eat less spicy barbecue, eat more yin nourishing and dryness moistening. And this one, is very suitable for chicken pork stomach! God is a famous fishing, star like pot material is said to take "cuisine Fan Ye Wu Mei Niang" period, three times a week to eat "haon brother" Ekin Cheng came to the concert in Chengdu, the first meal is to eat the fish God popular natural strength! Come on, try! Eat hot pot pot before the election, people can choose Yuanyang pot Tai Chi (right), half select Hainan white pepper boiled soup, half the butter is hot pot, is the focus on the 20 years of natural sign pepper pork stomach chicken (left). For God’s "pepper pork stomach soup" with the cooking method of medicated soup and Guangdong buffei, with the secret sauce pickled pork stomach and chicken, into the rich in Chinese herbal medicine secret soup, boil for 8 hours or more, the soup taste more fragrant, and gentle breath, stomach and stomach, and pork stomach chicken becomes a tasty delicacy! Are the Danish imports of pork stomach and cooked so long, eat or brittle brittle elastic jumping jumping oh! In the cool weather, what better than this bowl of soup more warm heart?! A drink? Would like to drink you say three ~ to drink the soup under the la carte ~ ~ of the meat, the God of the natural products are good. For example, the flower shape of snow can watch and beef tongue, satiety, Australian beef is shoot two hawks with one arrow; the snow table will point the popularity explosion models; God is the original fragrant soft bags for tender tofu skin with good Crab Seed; and the Jinwucangjiao, pork fried oil every day is full of a plug the lost to slowly cook soup, eat also want to come again! Finally, green vegetables is a must, satisfied with the killing! The restaurant is filled with luxury full Tang Dynasty wind, no wonder "Fan Ye take a meal later" Wednesday to eat here, the original is to find through the sense of feet? (‘Omega’)? Chinese style here highlights the very delicate, the Chinese Palace Style Lantern filled with antique flavor. A partition between each table, eat a meal even privacy are doing so well, and by the popular stars ah, maybe the occasional Wuli idol to drink the soup, oh! God fishing shop address: Chunxi Road chicken pork stomach South No. 1 building 4 floor (spring south southwest Bookstore相关的主题文章: