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[in] show the canteen driving the pumpkin carriage to mischief – creamy pumpkin soup to eat and drink in the canteen – Sohu [show] driving the pumpkin carriage to mischief – milk fragrant pumpkin soup when the happy ghost patted the glass in front of your window, safe ghost in your bed, happy ghost in your head around, don’t be afraid of a ghost in your toes down when crawling, friends, I am driving the pumpkin carriage to rescue you, driving! Hyah! Hyah! Send you a pair of black wings, and bats fly together the night sky. Send you a golden pumpkin and carve a smile to spread joy. Send you a sweet candy, or mischief someone said salary is stingy, the price is sitting duck, the price is a vampire, the bank is short-lived, the mood is bad news, fate is a troublemaker, Halloween, fast out of your trouble, let them go to hell with the foreign Halloween fun is not beautiful, follow? The festival with swing, creamy pumpkin soup made Jack-O-Lantern hollowed out pumpkin, pumpkin leaves pumpkin meat don’t be discarded, mashed, boiled soup, milk fragrance filled, mature natural sweet, enough to have the strength to treat small coffee mushroom meal package sweet pumpkin soup, with bitter coffee mushroom rolls Zhanlai eat sweet aftertaste, entrance, tongue lick coffee to @@@@@@@@@@@@ sugar, hey, you? Steamed eggs milk pumpkin soup material pumpkin, milk steamed pumpkin pressed into practice Mud, wok boil, pour in milk, continue to simmer until thick? PS can not be a pumpkin? Sweet sugar, like sweet add milk into milk? OK, will be more thick pumpkin without breaking, is to eat pumpkin fiber, if you can’t get used to it put it on broken machine with pumpkin can be slightly modified, focus, focus, focus, hot coffee will? Mushrooms small meal package materials with high milk powder 200 grams, 100 grams of sugar, 20 grams, 2 grams of yeast, a little oil, coffee powder and coffee powder in practice, fully into the bread machine, press the dough Famian, 1 hours and 30 minutes after the hair is good, remove the exhaust, rubbing, mold proofing,?? heat oven? 180 degrees, good bread proofing into embryo, brush the surface of oil, bread, coffee powder, bake for 15-20 minutes相关的主题文章: