Shanghai Education Commission is strictly prohibited competition certificate as compulsory education 木村kaela

Shanghai board of Education: no contest certificate as a basis for admission of compulsory education will be prohibited: original title race winning certificate as a compulsory school enrollment admission based on the newspaper Shanghai on 14 November, (Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter Zhou Kai Wang Yejie) today, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued "on the strengthening of the 2016 academic year will be prohibited all contest winners as compulsory enrollment certificate school admission in accordance with the relevant management work notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), non compulsory education schools of Shanghai city will be based on student achievement, Mathematical Olympiad English star test and other types of competitions to award certificates, all kinds of grade examination certificate as admission. Shanghai City Board of education requirements, private schools should be a clear commitment to enrollment does not charge all kinds of special students resume and awards Certificate in the enrollment; public schools in violation of the provisions of the education administrative departments, the jurisdiction shall be ordered to make corrections, if the circumstances are serious, impose sanctions on the directly responsible principal and other relevant personnel in violation of the provisions of the private school; where, by the administrative department of education shall be the principal or the county responsible personnel promptly corrected, refuse to correct, the implementation of the "double reduction" measures, namely the reduction of the number of school enrollment plan second to 30% years, the government special funds to support the abolition of the year. "Notice" requirement, Shanghai city education system within the unit are prohibited to hold the city or the region (county) primary school stage of the discipline competition. Without the consent of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the county shall not be held across the county primary and middle school students’ competitions, each school shall hold inter school competitions. "Notice" requirements, the administrative departments of education, teaching and research departments and schools at all levels and their staff shall not recommend students to participate in the mobilization and organization, without the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the contest, not to students and parents without publicity of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the contest in any form. The circular also requires that the education sector and its subordinate units in Shanghai and the districts and counties directly under the central government, the primary and secondary schools shall not provide training venues or competition venues for social training institutions. It is reported that Shanghai has "no contest winning all kinds of certificate management related work in compulsory education enrollment as a basis for admission into the school" on the stage of compulsory education schools, enrollment supervision and inspection work scope. Shanghai City Board of education has set up a public telephone hotlines and mailboxes, to accept social schools and related personnel in violation of the above requirements behavior reported, once verified, will be severely punished according to relevant regulations. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: