China Mars exploration project after the debut of the new net – Airshow 捷安特xtc750

China Mars exploration project after the debut show – China news agency new network in November 2 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) on China Mars is Zhuhai airshow. "This is the first appearance of the Mars exploration model, which means that China has officially launched a mission to Mars exploration." From the China Aerospace Science and technology group, Shanghai Institute of aerospace technology, responsible for the scene to explain the Engineer Zhao Qiang 2, told reporters on the China News agency. In January this year, the Mars mission was approved at the national level, formally transferred to the project development. China plans to launch a Mars probe in 2020, one to achieve the surrounding Mars, landing and regional inspections. Zhao Qiang introduction, there are two methods to study Mars detector: one is in orbit around Mars, similar to the artificial earth satellite, the Mars observation and measurement, including the measurement of orbits around Mars environment and imaging observations of Mars; the other is a landing to Mars surface were observed and measured the geological features and composition on the surface of mars. Since 1960s, the United States has implemented a total of 45 Mars exploration mission. Like other deep space exploration, Mars is full of risks. Zhao Qiang recalled that in 2011 China had developed the firefly one Mars probe, however, due to the carrying of Russia, "Forbes – soil" Mars detector failure, failed to enter the scheduled orbit. With the bottleneck of large vehicles and deep space exploration network has been broken, China will launch. The Mars probe is divided into two parts: the surround and the lander. The spacecraft is designed by the Shanghai Institute of aerospace technology. Bear is around Mars Mars and earth communication and other important tasks. Zhao Qiang explained that the Mars probe to Mars in the 10 month long journey, the first step is to ensure the successful capture of the orbit of Mars, then after 1 months of Sunoutage alone in the "life" test, and to overcome the "dialogue" with the ground control station more than and 40 minutes of transmission delay, signal attenuation and disturbance to a time and other factors. The reporter understands, since 2010 the country launched the deep space exploration project demonstration, Shanghai Academy of space technology has led research, formed by the combination of astronomical angle and velocity measuring principle and method of autonomous navigation, "Mars green homes" innovative mission planning, high performance of deep space exploration, since the main manager as the representative of the number theory, and system technical achievements. (end)相关的主题文章: