The layout of the young consumer market Dongfeng Fengshen ax5 Changzhou new network – base line 特命战队go busters

The young consumer market layout line – Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 bases in Changzhou, Beijing, Beijing, October 10, 9 days, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 in Dongfeng Changzhou base officially came off the assembly line. After AX7 and AX3 were covered in medium and small SUV market, AX5 line announcement Dongfeng Fengshen into present the most mainstream compact SUV market, to further improve the lineup of Dongfeng Fengshen SUV product architecture. As the base of Dongfeng Changzhou the first strategic product, AX5 operation means the Dongfeng passenger car into the eastern region, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 as following AX7 and AX3 Dongfeng Fengshen launched third SUV, wheelbase 2630mm. Power with 1.4T engine, matching the 6 speed Getrag German production of wet dual clutch transmission. 1.4T+DCT +WINDLINK T service +STT intelligent start stop system. AX5 users lock 85, 90 consumers. Dongfeng Motor Corporation chairman Zhu Yanfeng line in Fengshen AX5 ceremony, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 in Dongfeng Changzhou production base line, for Dongfeng company roots in "Yangtze River Delta", further expand the business territory of great significance, marking the strategic layout of Dongfeng Dongfeng business further optimization, further deepening the strategic synergy. In order to layout the Yangtze River Delta, Dongfeng invested a lot of resources and energy to support the construction and development of Dongfeng Changzhou base. It is reported that a large number of modern manufacturing technology base in Changzhou, a high degree of automation of the project. The company also play the advantages of a port of Changzhou port, the establishment of vehicle and spare parts export base, is committed to building a leading, efficient, modern car manufacturing base. According to professional estimates, Changzhou Dongfeng automobile industry base construction project will be put into a 1 to 6 industries, namely Changzhou Dongfeng Industrial Base 1 units of output, can promote the overall aspects of supporting economic increase 6 unit of output. In other words, after the Changzhou Dongfeng Automobile Industrial Base put into operation, can achieve more than 1 thousand new jobs, annual sales income of over ten billion yuan, driven by the surrounding supporting 60 billion. Dongfeng Automobile supporting suppliers to 100 km radius around Changzhou, there are already four, fifty, the future is expected to reach more than supporting providers. Dongfeng Motor Corporation deputy general manager Ouyang Jie said, Dongfeng Changzhou is a strategic base plate of Dongfeng company own car, is an important production base of Dongfeng brand passenger car, the next few years, Dongfeng Changzhou base will continue to use the Changzhou regional advantages and industrial advantages, highly fit the strategic considerations of the group to optimize the layout of the enterprise, further stronger and better Changzhou Dongfeng, Changzhou will become an important strategic base in the east area, provide more help for the smooth progress of independent strategy of Dongfeng Motor Corporation. As of now, Dongfeng Fengshen has formed cars, SUV and new energy vehicles three corps, covering 3 lines (A30, E30) 6 (A60 L60, EV A60) 9 (Department of Dongfeng A9 and X (AX7) AX5 AX3) powerful product matrix. With this)相关的主题文章: