37 of the world’s top 500 High Tech Expo exhibitors made large aircraft will be unveiled in the new -roselip

37 of the world’s top 500 High Tech Expo exhibitors made large aircraft models will be unveiled – Beijing, September 21st to 24, with "science and technology innovation? Civil military integration? Open cooperation" as the theme of the fourth Expo will be held in Mianyang. By then, there will be 887 units from the 16 countries and regions participating in the exhibition of the project, a total of 2067 exhibits, of which there are 9141, of which the world’s top 500 enterprises, well-known enterprises outside the 64. The Expo will be 21 days from the date of the official opening to the general audience, for a period of 4 days. The integration of military and civilian high-tech, cost High Tech Expo highlights it is understood that this theme will be specially set up international and Hong Kong and Macao China Museum, the exhibition area of 7100 square meters. Including ABB, apple, Johnson, Schneider, Henkel, HUAWEI, Lenovo and Foxconn, 37 of the world’s top 500 enterprises, in France, Germany, TRUMPF and other multinational companies represented, including Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and other countries along the The Belt and Road "enterprises, 64 overseas well-known exhibitors, they will carry the latest products and research results appeared, and launched a series of communication and cooperation with all parties. 18 morning, the WCC reporter visited the Expo exhibition site to see, all exhibitors have been entering the exhibition building, work like a raging fire. Indoor exhibition hall is divided into military and civilian integration Hall (A Hall), international and China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion (B Hall), the high-tech industry Museum (C Hall), regional cooperation and talent Museum (D), intelligent life experience Exhibition (E). International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China, Canada’s Innovation Center Exhibition Hall has taken the lead in the construction of the main structure. The integration of military and civilian Museum, the exhibition area of 9600 square meters, on the display of international and domestic civil military integration of major equipment equipment, new product innovation and technological achievements conversion, people join the army, "12th Five-Year" during China’s achievements in science and technology, and 5G mobile communication systems and hundreds of high-tech products. China aviation industry, aviation industry, aviation technology, nuclear Chinese built ten large military group, 9th, the general staff 60, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes, and HUAWEI, Han’s laser, Changhong group and other famous enterprises will participate in. China made large aircraft C919 model will be unveiled this Huaxi city newspaper reporter from the office of the organizing committee was informed that this theme will be a total of 887 units from 16 countries and regions participating, participating in the project of 2067 pieces, 9141 pieces. Including the Tissot K1 cloud storage equipment, modular high temperature gas cooled reactor demonstration power plant business, C919 large passenger aircraft model, 5G mobile communication system, nano generator exhibits wisdom movement. In particular, the high-tech industry Museum, will focus on the display of electronic information, high-tech materials, energy saving and environmental protection and other related industries, innovative products and technological achievements. This theme will also focus on the upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the exhibition, focusing on the invitation to centre back 28 Beidou satellite application industry, SIASUN and other 15 enterprises, Xinjiang UAV robot 20 UAV 3D printers and other 17 enterprises, ultrafast CNC machine tool manufacturers, as well as 46 new energy vehicles enterprises on display, to lengthen the exhibition the industrial chain, to explore the professional development of high tech expo. )相关的主题文章: