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37 mutual entertainment behind the reorganization of super IP mining incubator logic 37 realized mutual entertainment behind the reorganization of the super IP mining incubator realized each reporter Xia Bing logic with the VR era, IP era, the game industry to bring a new round of reform opportunities, many industries and capital operation and how the game player hand in front of the imagination ahead layout? In the daily economic news hosted the August 29th TMT series game industry salon and capital + "game industry is the critical point to the theme salon, the game business executives and investment circles to discuss capital predators IP derivatives market 200 billion yuan bonus and calm, VR’s" live fire "and" hot ", as well as the game then enjoy the industrial capital feast three issues. Many game companies in a recently released semi annual report, the net profit of 486 million yuan to lead the game shares, becoming one of the most profitable A shares of Listed Companies in 37 games to entertain each other, not only to achieve the first half performance doubled, and in the past at the beginning of August to 2 billion 500 million yuan of big acquisitions and resume trading mutual entertainment industry caused great concern. 37 mutual entertainment 2 billion 500 million yuan respectively in acquisition of 100% equity interest in film and television, Kun ink technology 68.43% stake and Zhimeng network 49% equity restructuring, 37 mutual entertainment on August 26th at the pan entertainment strategic layout and exchange investors. At the meeting, the 37 entertainment with the above three companies on the pan pan entertainment, IP and the topic of the game with the guests to answer the question. 37 mutual entertainment general manager Li Yifei full of confidence in the prospects of the reorganization: "after the completion of the reorganization, not only between the three companies, including the issue of the line, with our internal R & D line will have a lot of interaction with the three companies, both of the 37 mutual entertainment, or in the ink, Kun Chi Ming three the company, the reorganization of the great imagination." Li Yifei said that the 37 mutual entertainment strategy is the future development of three aspects, namely the platform, globalization and pan entertainment. In the film into the command speed IP incorporated the incubation of IP is the core of the pan entertainment industry chain, and in the mining of IP source and pre incubation business areas, in the film is in the leading position in the industry. "We have our own producer, director, Chinese top ten producers basically half and in the film and television cooperation, such as Liu Jiang, Hou Hongliang." In the film director, general manager Hou Xiaoqiang says. Hou Xiaoqiang served as deputy editor in chief of sina, Shanda literature CEO, deep experience in the operation and operation of the media, and many network writers to establish a good relationship. This will be in the film under 37, will strengthen the mutual entertainment IP from the quality and quantity of the ability of acquiring, while speeding up the existing IP hatching speed. This shows the 37 entertainment mutual confidence and ambition in the pan entertainment strategy. Around the IP core in film from IP incubation, screening, procurement, development and operation to the realization of links to build a mature business system. IP in the incubation process, in the film based on the existing expertise, priority in TV drama for development and operation, and enlarge the business value of IP to "shadow tour linkage" and other derivatives development mode. On相关的主题文章: